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Peer Tutoring Benefits And Places You Can Be A Peer Tutor

Life is a process of learning that starts with academic learning. During this time, parents have to keep a close eye on their children so that they can learn in an environment that makes them thrive. They also have to be on the lookout for different learning methods that the child can enjoy.

For example, some learning methods can include peer tutoring, home tutoring, and more that the child can benefit from. If you are trying to incorporate peer tutoring into your child’s learning needs, you have come to the right place.

Here are all the benefits of peer tutoring and the places in Singapore that offer peer tutoring.


Peer Tutoring Explained

Before we move on to the benefits and places, it is crucial to understand that peer tutoring has many subsets and types you can choose from. These types are there to give you different options. Generally, peer tutoring is when peers of the same age as the student are teaching them.

This can take place within the classroom and outside. We have listed some examples of different types of peer tutoring for you to help you understand this concept better:

1. One-Way

One-way tutoring is when the peer imparts their knowledge to the student. The student will remain passive, while the peer tutor will take an active role in teaching. Keep in mind that not every type of peer tutoring is relevant for all types of students.

Instead, the one-way peer tutoring method is ideal for children with disabilities and learning disorders. A benefit of this method is that everyone will know what to do, and the child will learn better from the peer. So, you have to know the context in which different types of peer tutoring will be helpful.

2. Two-Way

Next up, we have two-way peer tutoring. You can think of this as a buddy system. Both the students have been assigned to help each other out in the areas of their strength.

For example, Bill and Jill are in the same classroom. Bill is great at Math, and Jill is flawless with Chinese. The teacher can pair them together, and they can help each other with the subject they are strong in.

Jill can teach Chinese to Bill, and Bill can teach math to Jill. This will help both the students to draw on each other's strengths and teach effectively. So, a two-way system can be useful for this purpose and across all teaching settings.

3. Grouping

Then, we have group peer tutoring. This means that the entire class will be divided into groups to learn from one another. The peers will mentor each other by helping their friends.

As a teacher, you can create an entire system of how this type of peer tutoring will take place. Each student will have a task, and everyone will feel involved in the learning process. This can be useful when there is a challenging task that you have provided the students to complete.

It will allow everyone to participate, and kids can draw on each other's strengths. So, teachers can use this type of peer tutoring for an effective lesson.

4. Cross-Age

Last but not least, cross-age peer tutoring is when you bring students of different age groups and abilities to learn and work together on a task. The older students and ones with higher intelligence can be peer tutors. Such a method is invaluable if you want the students to also work on their interpersonal skills.

It will also challenge the students to get out of their comfort zones and learn from students older than them. Teachers can do this at all levels of teaching to help the students. So, cross-age peer tutoring can also be an effective method for everyone involved.


The Benefits Of Peer Tutoring

Now that you have some basic understanding of the different types of peer tutoring, you might wonder about the benefits they reap. Teachers can incorporate these into their classrooms, or parents can help their kids get help from peers.

Regardless of your reason, here are some benefits that peer tutoring will reap:

Provides Support And Motivation

One of the top benefits of peer tutoring is that it offers support and motivation to struggling students. Both parties learn from each other and support with what they need. Such cooperation is important to let students know that they are not alone in their academic journey and that their peers also face similar problems.

Many students also thrive from the interaction that they receive when they learn from their peers. Other people can push you to do better by helping you out. If you think your child needs some additional support and motivation, then peer tutoring can be a great way to achieve this aim.

Teachers can employ this technique in the classroom when they notice some students struggling. In the long run, this can lead to a collaborative classroom that can make things student-centered.

Both Parties Learn And Understand Clearly

When two students opt to peer tutor one another, it will benefit them both. Even when you teach someone, you are enhancing the other person's understanding and your own. It helps people to revisit their concepts and confirm their understanding.

Students can use this tool to understand the gaps they have to fill in their learning. Teachers can also take note of this and provide the support that students need in their journey. It will help both the peer tutor and tutee to be clear on certain concepts and subjects.

Good Way For Future Tutors To Gain Experience

People that want to have a career in tutoring can gain experience in this way. Many people are opting for this career because it is meaningful and rewarding. The key is to start small during school years to gain as much experience as you can to progress.

It also provides insight into how different people learn and what they need. If you have students in your class that want to become a tutor, you can help them out by encouraging peer tutoring. This will also give them a boost of confidence that they need to practice their skills.

On the other hand, if your child wants to become a tutor, then you can also help them out by providing them opportunities to tutor their peers. So, whether you are a parent or teacher, you can help kids from an early age to build their skills.

Working On Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the ability to interact and communicate effectively well with other people across different settings. Many kids are shy and don’t work on these skills, which can set them back later in life. As our world becomes even more globalized, we interact with people from all backgrounds in our professional life.

Children need to begin young to hone these skills and learn how to communicate effectively. Peer tutoring is one of the best ways to focus on these skills. Kids will learn how to effectively communicate what they are trying to say.

They will also be exposed to their peers and learn what works for them in social settings. This is an important part of peer tutoring that teachers and parents should not overlook. It will gear the students for when they venture into the professional world.

Better Attitude Toward Learning

Not everyone has a good attitude towards learning, as some students might think that this is a waste of time. Such students can gain a new perspective when they engage with peer tutors. It will enable them to see learning as important to their emotional and social development.

When they see learning through this learning, it will change their attitude and motivate them to do better. Peer tutoring can also have an impact on the way students view themselves in relation to other people. A positive relationship with peer tutors can help them to have a positive self-image.

Some students might even learn that it is okay to ask for help when they need it. So, if you want to make the classroom more dynamic and active for positive learning, then make sure to opt for peer tutoring.

Boosts Academic Achievement

Finally, the purpose of peer tutoring is to help students excel in the areas that they lack. Not everyone is academically gifted, and some students might need an extra boost or help in classroom settings. Teachers need to notice this and provide sufficient encouragement to students.

Students will be more engaged in the learning process because they will feel comfortable with their peers. They will also receive individual attention during this time that teachers can't provide all the time in classroom settings. It can make a difference to the students because they can gain a better understanding of the material from their peers.

Make sure that you incorporate peer tutoring into your classroom setting to help students. It will guarantee personalized instructions for kids that will help them excel with time. Keep applying this to your classroom and see how students respond to this change.


Places You Can Be A Peer Tutor

There are a few universities in Singapore that offer peer tutoring programs. In terms of schools, teachers facilitate such tutoring, which is why there may not be separate programs for this purpose. Here are all programs you will find at the university level:

1. James Cook University

James Cook University has an EMAS Peer Tutoring Program that students can opt for. These include peer tutors that help with subjects such as academic writing, accounting and finance, psychology, and more. In the Malay language, EMAS is the word for Gold.

The peer tutor program is named Gold because students that are exceptional in these subjects teach their peers. Students can opt for this program, as they happen face-to-face and online. So, it will help them excel in these various subjects.

2. Singapore Management University

The Singapore Management University offers peer tutors to students for accountancy. Tutors guide others in their accounting courses whenever they require help. Students have the option to email the tutors and look for help.

Once they have this guidance, they are much better equipped to deal with their accounting courses. Their peer tutoring scheme has been in place for a long time now and is incredibly successful. Accounting students will find this to be a gem.

3. National University Of Singapore

The National University of Singapore offers a peer tutoring program to writing and communication students. They can use this program to look for consultations and enhance their skills. There are various consultants that are exceptional in their field, which is why students will get outstanding help.

It is one of the best peer tutoring programs for anyone that wants to take their writing to the next level. It consists of faculty and students that know what they are doing.

4. Nanyang Technological University

Finally, Nanyang Technological University has an SPMS Learning Centre created for peer tutoring. It is for undergraduate students that need help with their core courses in the first and second years. SPMS and engineering students can get help from this program.

The program is detailed, and you can look at the list of peer tutors available on the website. After that, you can decide whether it is the right peer tutoring program for you within the university.


Final Thoughts

Peer tutoring is a fantastic way to get students excited about boosting their knowledge and learning from other people. Such tutoring can begin when the children are young so they can get used to this dynamic. In the long term, it will enable them to practice their communication skills, ask for help, socialize, and gain confidence in their abilities.

So, you can talk to the school your child is enrolled in and see if they have any peer tutoring programs within the school. This will help you have a better idea of whether your child is benefiting from this or not.

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