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Lovely Weekend: 6 Things to Do When You are Bored

Weekends are the time of the week that we should dedicate to ourselves and not the mundane, tiresome things. It is better to ask a paper writer on PaperWriter to manage your academic debts, turn the phone to silent mode and enjoy your free time to its fullest.

The number of options may be quite overwhelming. We want to do everything and go everywhere.

In the following list, we present you with things that may enrich your weekend and bring you new, positive emotions.

Do Sports

If you have the possibility, try an outside walk. It is always a good idea to score some steps for your health application and maintain yourself in shape. If you feel more adventurous, you may go for a sports run or try to master jogging. Exercise can help fight off stress and depression.

Such simple exercises are available for everyone and help to improve mood and overall physical condition. Often, we may feel exhausted after a long working week. However, a nice walk is what may refresh and inspire us. Even if we do not have a desire for a walk in the first place.

Weekends are a perfect time to hit a gym or do fitness. Weekend mornings are the perfect time to start a day and rejuvenate with a good session of exercises before the next week.

Connect with the community

It is always a nice idea to visit your parents or hang out with your friends. You may gather a party or organize an evening of tabletop games. You may organize a thematic party. You and your friends don’t have to wait for some special date or occasion. It may be a budget food contest, a costume party, or a long session in charades.

 If you struggle to build connections in a new place, you may try to join some local clubs. There are a lot of movie clubs where people gather to discuss their favorite media. You may find such time quite delightful. You may also try to join a community of pet lovers. Walking your dog in the appropriate places may bring you closer to a lot of nice people.

Finally, if you feel encouraged, you may try volunteer work. Charitable organizations always appreciate the help. Besides, you will contribute to your community's well-being.


Sometimes the weekend is just a weekend. You do not have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you may need just your time and do nothing. You may treat yourself to something tasty. Homemade bread or pizza are great treats for the end of the week.

Have a series or a book that you deferred for a long time? It is a perfect opportunity to return to them.

Otherwise, there are countless titles on Netflix and channels on youtube. There will be something for you.

You may try free online games. Modern free-to-play games provide high-quality gameplay and graphics. There are many benefits in playing video games, read about it here. You do not have to become their best player, and an evening of sheer fun will be yours. You may try such titles as:

1. Apex Legends
2. Fortnite
3. Warframe

And many others with the tag “Free-to-play” in any digital marketplace.

Be Creative

There is no other time to become creative like a weekend. You do not have to be a professional, actor, artist, or a writer to express yourself.

Try to sing in karaoke and let out your inner passion. You may do some pencil sketches and stretch your creative muscles. You can even mix it with a walk outside and try to draw the nearby landscapes or people.

If you have an amateur theatrical troupe nearby, try to learn about them. Amateur theatre combines many positive features in terms of free time and connection building.

Another creative dimension in which you can enroll easily is papercraft. It can be as complex as you want it to be. You may start with something basic like a paper oracle or basic origami. However, if you feel engaged, there are a myriad of techniques and complex figures that you can make with paper, scissors, and glue.

Dedicate Yourself to Learning Something New

Expansion of one’s horizons is a great feeling. Often, we may get too tired to do extra work during the week. However, investment in your self-development during weekends will have a huge payoff in the future.

You may learn a new foreign language. There are many self-learning books and courses dedicated to any language. Taking lessons each weekend will result in great improvement. Learning a new language opens new possibilities.

You may listen to educational podcasts. Their undisputable advantage is that you can listen to them while you do something else. Doing chores or cooking while listening to a physics lecture kills two birds with one stone.

Pick up a book. It does not have to be strictly educational. However, a well-renowned classic novel is a great investment in your self-development.

Do Something Fun With Your Kids

If you are a family person, you may try to do something unusual with your children. For example, you may play hide and seek in your house. It is a simple game and will help you to feel young again. Another great idea is to build a fort from furniture and bed sheets. You may create a bottle of soap bubbles and do a contest: who will blow the biggest one?

Besides, you may include your children in other weekend activities. Collective walk in a park, a session in tabletop games, or even Netflix watching is always a good time and nice bonding with your kin.

Final Words

The weekend is a perfect time to dedicate to what you like or venture into something new. Whether it is creativity, relaxation, or social activities, make sure that it is what makes you happy. Whether you decide to throw a party or have a nice, quiet walk through a park, it all counts as a nice weekend activity. A truly lovely weekend is the one that you create for yourself.

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