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Improve Your Penmanship With These Simple Tips

Are you looking for ways to perfect your hand-lettering?

Are you in love with calligraphy and wish to reach the beauty of it?

On the other hand, you are probably tired of being unsatisfied with your handwriting. Luckily, it is never too late to start improving it. You can always work on improving your penmanship.

Become satisfied with your handwriting and leave the others delighted after reading your paper with our simple tips that will lead you to better penmanship.


6 Tips To Improve Your Penmenship

1. Observe Your Handwriting

Tell yourself that it is high time to transform your handwriting. The first thing you have to do is to analyze your current handwriting. You need to do a complete check of your handwriting in order to realize the good and bad sides of it.

You will also be able to see the patterns; those you can keep and those you have to change or improve. Start by writing some short paragraphs to help you catch these initial hints on your way of improving penmanship.

Pay attention to some particular aspects of your handwriting; style, letters’ height, spacing, and slant. Bear in mind that the spacing should be consistent.

The same goes for the style.

Do not tangle your letters and words and do not apply excess pressure. Keep the normal height for upper and lower-case letters. Make sure you also have a consistent baseline for letters. Then your writing will be neat. Once you consider these aspects, repeat writing and analyze the changes. Pick the style that suits you the most, and remember: be consistent! 


2. Have a Good Posture

Your posture influences your handwriting as well. Besides its other precious benefits, your good posture has an effect on the type of grip. Back when we were kids, our parents used to remind us to sit straight while writing our homework and this was not insignificant.

Therefore, if you wish to get to the penmanship that is on point, you should adjust your posture.

Keep your shoulders and hands relaxed and sit with your back straight. Make yourself comfortable, breathe in and relax and you will see the reflection of your posture on your handwriting. Make the act of writing enjoyable and beneficial while you're trying to improve it.


3. Play with the Writing Instruments

Do not stick only to the pen at your fingertips. Rather, experiment with writing utensils and pens and find the one that suits you the most. In the sea of countless brands and types, pick the one with which you will enjoy writing for hours.

For instance, it is hardly possible not to fall in love with the Japanese fountain pen brand that has a reputation for making penmanship something special. 

Appearance, performance, and accessibility are what you look for the most, and these are also the most important features to help you in your search for your unique writing instrument.

Luckily, this unique brand unites them. There is no doubt that a fine pen in your hands will do wonders with your handwriting. In fact, the choice of pen might be one of the most important steps on your way to becoming a master of penmanship. Invest in the quality of your pen and you will surely reach a better quality of your handwriting.


4. Put Computer and Phone to Sleep

Separate yourself from your tech buddies!

I know you spend most of your time with them but this won't help you at all.We’re sure your phone and computer witness your writing often but sticking only to them can pose a great obstacle to improving your penmanship.

Hand muscle practice and muscle memory are of immense importance, that’s why you should turn from digital tools and have a habit of regular practice. If you have trouble, here are 5 tips of preventing phone addiction.

Take some time to write neatly and slowly each day so that you provide daily practice to your hand muscles. Along with this, you will improve your handwriting skills.

Stick to writing via digital tools only when necessary, and try writing traditionally more and more since this will benefit your handwriting and help you practice more.


5. Ask For Advice

Borrow methods and pieces of advice after you have had a look at someone's paper and liked their handwriting. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from someone from your family, friends, or colleagues if their handwriting leaves a good impression on you.

You can ask for their strategies, habits, and if there is some special secret behind it, and adopt it. Any information and guidelines you get are a plus and promise faster improvement. 


6. Practice is the Key

Practice is always the key and improving penmanship is not an exception. We have to stress the importance of practice because it is crucial in improving your penmanship.

Put this practice within your everyday activities such as writing shopping lists, some schedules, and reminders. Besides, add a touch of creativity, so you can, for example, write letters to your loved ones like in the good old days or start writing journals. Practice is really important because it helps you both achieve and keep the improvement and consistency.

Together with practice, you will be able to compare and realize the changes you have made and how far you have reached. This will serve as a motivator for you and the days of bad handwriting will remain in the past.


Some final words...

Having good penmanship is not only connected to better filling in forms and documents, but it also has an impact on our confidence and personality.

You should never give up on improving your handwriting because, by patience, practice, and consistency, you can transform your bad and embarrassing handwriting into an amazing art of writing.

With your will and effort, these steps will be simple and the results will make you really happy and more confident.

Good penmanship creates better visual perception of your papers and promises a lot of positive impacts in many areas.Take a pen in your hand and take the first step! Now is the perfect time to start.

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