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Improve Your Maths Algebra With These Free Apps

Maths is not a strong suit for many students. It becomes even more difficult when you have to memorize formulas, equations, and theories. This can make the entire subject even more complicated for a student that is already weak in this area.

This is why many students seek outside help to refine their mathematical skills. They either get math tutors or get help from their peers to do better in this subject.

Thanks to all the advancements in technology you have all the resources you need at your fingertips. There are many free apps out there that many teachers swear by. They can refine your maths skills and you will do better.

Before we get into different apps, let's first understand how they can benefit you.

Benefits Of Free Maths Apps


You can access these free apps anytime and anywhere. This provides your child with the opportunity to study anywhere they like. They can simply open the app and work on their skills no matter the time and place.

This accessibility provides a lot of convenience to students who don’t have access to other resources or materials for studying maths algebra.

Practice At Your Pace And Time

Your child can learn through these apps at the pace they are comfortable with. There is no rush to finish equations or assignments as you can do it at any time you like.

This makes it easier for the child to learn difficult concepts in algebra as they can take their time to comprehend and learn one thing before moving on to another.


You are not paying anything for these free apps. This means that you are saving the cost of a tutor. Your child will benefit from the guidance of a tutor without you paying for one. Isn’t that the dream of every parent?

In the long run, you can utilize this money to save for other education expenses of your child.

Known To Increase Engagement Levels

Many children feel extremely bored in school and tuition centers. They don't focus on what is happening and this leads to absent-mindedness. This is a big problem for students who are weak at mathematical concepts. Not paying attention just makes this problem worse.

However, these free math apps are extremely interactive and engaging. This means that you don't have to worry about your child losing interest quickly as the app will keep them interested in learning.

This will be both a fun and learning experience for your child.

Top Free Apps To Learn Maths Algebra

Now that you know how these apps can benefit your child’s learning, here are our top picks of free apps that many teachers swear by:

#1. Easel Algebra Lite

Give your child the feeling of solving a workbook without giving him an actual workbook. This app is a great tutoring solution for children that have trouble solving algebraic problems and equations.

The app is extremely engaging and helps keep the child interacted for a long time. This is because it allows them to get answers to the problems they can't solve through the "Show Me" button.

This is just like having a smart tutor at your fingertips. Children can easily use it to solve equations. If they can't then the app will show them what formula to apply and how to solve it!

#2. Photomath

This is a great tool for when your child is stuck on an equation they can’t solve. This app allows you to point your camera towards the algebraic equation. It will quickly scan the equation and provide a solution.

Do remember that it doesn't work too well with handwritten equations so they will have to be typed for the app to do its wonders. Other than that, it also provides a step-by-step solution to the equation.

This way children can learn exactly how a problem was solved and the steps are taken to solve it. They can then apply the same approach to other similar equations to learn algebra better. 

#3. Algebra Champ

Help your kid learn even faster by providing them with an app that is more of a mathematical game. It will aid your kid in understanding how different algebraic equations can be solved through a game-like play.

Every time a question is generated on a random basis and there are five rounds. Once these rounds are done, the users can check their work against the game.

If you provide this game-like tutoring app to your child and they play it every day then soon they will develop good skills when it comes to algebra. They will be solving equations as they will learn the different techniques and formulas and their practical application.

If your child needs a high level of engagement during studying then this may just be the ideal choice for him to learn algebra.

#4. Jr. High Algebra

This app combines a variety of resources such as quizzes, tutoring videos, and random challenges. They can utilize these resources to learn more about algebra and apply it to their school lessons or homework.

The answers can be checked within the app. This way your child will have no problem in learning how an equation was solved. This is a great app for revision and reviewing as it provides random learning.

This is an ideal app for when your child has a test or quiz and needs to revise their algebraic concepts thoroughly.

#5. Exponents

This app is just specific to exponents as the name suggests. So, if your kid is having issues understanding exponents then this app is best suited to their needs.

It teaches all the rules that you need to know to practically apply them to such questions. Apart from providing tutoring on exponents, the app also has a myriad of questions that your child can answer to check their understanding of this concept.

This is a hard topic to master and many students face problems with it. However, this app has made understanding exponents extremely easy.

#6. Khan Academy

This is an amazing resource for children of any age studying any subject. They provide a classroom-like environment by uploading lecture videos. Of course, the videos are not boring and every subject is taught interactively.

The teachers at Khan Academy are highly qualified and so there is no doubt that your child will understand any concept in no time. You can help your child study algebra through this platform.

There are many videos to choose from to enhance any concept of algebra. The best thing about this app is that it is free and it constantly rolls out updates so that there is new material to learn from.

#7. Polynomials

This app is only specific to polynomials. If your child is having an issue with this concept this app is the ideal solution for them. It will teach them everything they need to know about polynomials and provide challenges every week to test their knowledge.

They explain this concept through the use of videos that the child can watch whenever they watch. Once they are done, they can take the weekly challenge to see how well they have understood this concept.

#8. Quadratic Equation Solver

This is also just restricted to quadratic equations. It teaches its users how to solve one step-by-step through the use of various videos and tests so they can remember what they have learned.

Once you solve the tests, the app will also provide you with the correct answer and you can use that to cross-check yours and see what you have done wrong.

So, if you are having problems with quadratic equations then this app will transform your learning experience completely!

#9. Proportion Solver

Proportions are a confusing topic for many children. However, this app will help them understand how this works. All you have to do is write the numerical values of the denominator or numerator for a certain proportion.

The app will then complete the ratio and also explain how that answer came about. It is a great way to understand how proportions work and how ratios can easily be solved.

#10. Pre-Algebra Prep: Practice Tests And Flashcards

Does your kid need practice before a big math test? Well, this app is here to save their life. It is a great tool for understanding several algebraic theories and equations and putting them into practice.

It provides a variety of practice problems and once you are done it will give you a detailed guide of the answer so you can easily understand any concept.

You can take a practice test on any topic to test your knowledge of algebra!

Final Words

These are our top ten picks of free algebra apps that you can easily incorporate to teach your kids. Don’t just rely on one app. You can use a few of them simultaneously so your child can have the best solution on their hands.

This way they will easily be able to learn and understand difficult algebraic concepts in no time!

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