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How To Become A Professional SEO Specialist

SEO education is on the rise due to a higher demand than ever before. Businesses are transitioning online and SEO is increasing important to every type of businesses. And every website needs a specialist or affordable small business SEO to figure out how to promote it and find a niche for it. The job is becoming more and more popular, so it’s high time to hop on board.

But how to do it? What is SEO and how difficult is it to learn it?

How and where to learn it?

Isn’t it late to ‘hop on board’ in 2021? Where to get advice?

Start by reading this article. SEO isn’t as difficult if you’re in the flow of the profession. We’ll tell you how and where to learn it.

No, it’s not too late.

Get advice here.

Let’s start!

Stage #1: Learn What a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Needs to Know

There are several main things to know.


You’ll be in charge of everything connected to keywords:

  • Analysis with digital tools;
  • The choice of the right phrases for a project;
  • The usage of those keywords;
  • Analysis of results, etc.

You have to know what tools can help you find out where the gap in the current SEO strategy is, where to get recommendations, where to look for spammy or broken links, etc. Optimization, of course, goes far beyond keywords.


Another great deal in SEO is backlinks.

The diversity of linkbuilding strategies is enormous. Of course, the most important thing is to have high-quality content and products or services if your client wants to sell more. Thus, credible sources will mention the business as an authority.

However, along with that, you can actually build links. There are so many ways to do it, including the most common (or surprisingly new for the newcomers):

  • Broken links.
    When you see a backlink on a credible source to your competitor and it’s broken, offer the link to your website (or your client’s one). This is an easy way to get links, and very effective.
  • Paid SEO links.
    Don’t skip this point just yet. Yes, there are websites where you can buy a bunch of spammy links and bury a website. However, there are incredible services that have teams working to provide the best paid SEO links for you. They use guest posts to reach out to credible sources and promote your brand. Isn’t this something every SEO expert is looking for?
  • Unlinked mentions.
    Seeing a mention of a brand, website, page, article, etc. without a link is a door to another great backlink. Contacting the webmaster usually results in a new point on your (or your client’s) profile that will improve Google ratings, domain authority, etc.

Other Skills

You’ll also have to know a little bit of:

  • HTML in case you need to utilize meta tags and put keywords there, improving the structure of the site and allowing for better page crawling and indexing. You can learn more on webdesign on this page;
  • Digital marketing to make sure you have the same purpose as the marketers working on the project. This will help you choose proper keywords and use them effectively;
  • Agile methodology and other management tactics (check this website to find out what it's about);
  • Copywriting to make sure the keywords you choose are used correctly and the article looks appealing to the reader.

Any of these will add value to you as a professional.

Stage #2: Get Qualified Online or at College

Of course, it’s recommended to get a certification. This will ensure you’re a true professional, which will help to get clients at the beginning of your career. Later on, you’ll build a reputation and it will be easier, but having a diploma or certificate is never bad. Plus, it’s knowledge, after all. You can combine it with practice you already have or are about to get, which will result in a better start!

Where to learn SEO:

  • Choose an SEO course.
    There are lots of paid online courses that give a certification if you pass. You can find TOP lists of such course sources online and enroll in the latest class.
  • College or university.
    It may be difficult to believe, but yes, you can become a specialist by getting a degree. Online occupations are the real deal now, and educational establishments are trying to catch up.
  • Webinars.
    Find a specialist you love the most for the way they explain everything about SEO. If they have webinars planned, make sure to be present. They will not only update you on the latest trends and give a lot of knowledge. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get answers from the leaders of the niche.
  • Your own website.
    Of course, it’s wise to have your own blog or website on a fast webhosting company and try new techniques and strategies there. Make it your playground, and you’ll find a perfect match for the project. It may become your additional source of income later on!

Education is very important. You may be quite experienced, but the theory matters. It’s the same as the importance of practice in education. One won’t go without another.

This leads us to the next step of your journey.

Stage #3: Remember, Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no particular moment when you can call yourself a specialist. In fact, this is a person that specializes in something. Have you learned the basics? You are a beginner SEO specialist. Do you have 5 years of experience and know all the latest trends? You’re a professional specialist.

Don’t wait for a special moment when you feel like a pro. For some, this never happens. Why? Because they know that the world of SEO is constantly evolving. Your knowledge now may be old-school next year. Algorithms change, as well as technology, digital tools, goals, strategies, and everything else.

Here are some ways to practice SEO:

  • Your own site or blog.
    As said before, having your own playground is amazing. You’re not responsible for the result in terms of someone’s expectations or finance. You’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Algorithm fluctuations are easy to learn when you have no pressure. If you need assistance, you can hire a professional web development agency like Cybo Server who can take care of everything from web design to SEO and Digital marketing.
  • Get clients.
    Later on, you should try to help a business or a blogger grow. Gather your experience, create a portfolio with clear results. Send applications when a business looks for an SEO expert. You’ll definitely find several clients with projects easy and conquerable for your level of expertise.
  • Work for a SEO marketing agency.
    Consider sending a CV to several digital marketing agencies. You can become a part of an effective mechanism that helps great businesses grow and get new clients. Your pay will be stable and you’ll always have something to work on. And if you want to continue as a freelancer, you can always have it as a part-time job.

Practice makes perfect. Everyone knows this saying and many people neglect it. But you should trust the process and just try new things. We’re sure you love SEO if you want to become a pro. So, do what you love!

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