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How Online Tutors Can Help You With Your Assignment or Studies

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In February 2020, there have been more than 90 confirmed cases of Covid-19 that originated in China and has infected more than 80,000 people there so far. A common practice by Singaporean parents is engaging a private tuition teacher to come to their home for tutoring services.

These tutors teach a wide variety of subjects and are willing to travel to the students’ home for convenience purposes. However, with the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore, there is a heightened fear of transmission of the virus as private tutors travel from one student’s home to another. Many students are turning to alternative ways of assistance with their assignments or homework.

Online Tuition – video conferencing gains traction in Singapore

The increased popularity of online lessons has increased dramatically which coincides with the outbreak of the virus. Having lessons over the internet is the ideal choice for concerned parents and students because this avoids face to face interaction and there is no spread of droplets, which is the main form of transmission of the virus. College paper help is also available through online platforms, providing students with additional resources to complete their assignments and improve their knowledge on various subjects.

The most remarkable advantage of video conferencing systems is that it is an excellent tool for teaching students, especially the students from different backgrounds. For tutors, you can communicate with your classroom through the help of conferencing. In real time communication the students can ask the question by themselves, or they can ask questions that are related to the subject which you are teaching. Hence it becomes a great help for the students. You can also choose a small screen with two cameras, where you can position a projection screen and one camera at each side. The students can see each other face to face, while other ones can see them with the help of screens.

Ms Denise Koh, a maths teacher who earned a government scholarshop in a top university, is now a fulltime home tutor for more than 12 years. She now has to conduct lessons via Skype on request from her existing students. She said this way helps her to continuously help her students who would otherwise have stop tuition completely.

Online Conferencing systems

There are several platforms available in the market today and most of them are free.

1. Skype
Free to use. Available on desktop, mobile, tablets

2. Zoom

Free for basic use. Can host video conference groups.

3. Whatsapp
Well, everyone seems to have it now. Can do video calls, messaging and phone calls too. Needs data or wifi.

4. Vidyo
Has advanced features for classroom management, on-demand lecture videos and other top-end features.

Benefits of online tutoring
1. Customised Lessons

Each student’s learning path is pre-determined and planned according to his or her needs or weak areas. Every assignment or essay is unique and students often need help in specific areas or to rewrite certain parts of their work with help from a tutor.

2. Tutoring accessible anywhere, anytime
Students can have lesson at any place with an internet connection, not limiting to your nearest tuition centres or private tutor. Students can engage more than 1 tutor to help in various topics as per the tutor’s expertise.

3. Lesson replays
One key benefit is that students can record the lesson and replay it later on if he or she wish to revisit a specific part of the lesson. This cannot be done in face to face setting or in a classroom environment.

Several tutors in Singapore have begun to adapt and learn how to use apps and software on their tablet/PC/smartphones to help their students with their assignments. They can provide additional teaching resources, sample essays, model answers to their students faster as there is no need to physically print out the notes.

Tutor City has been in the private education industry for more than 10 years. We have trained school teachers, lecturers from top universities, scholars from every field in Maths/Sciences/Humanities, to guide you in your assignments, essays or project work. Our tutors can also conduct normal tuition similar to home tutors via video conferencing eg Skype at affordable rates.


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