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Be A Contributor of Guest Posts for our Blog

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Like how to get students excited about learning? Or a educational technology that is cutting edge? A moment of ingenuity on how to teach a particular lesson? Then you’re in the right place!

We welcome guest posts on all academic subjects and levels, topics relating to educational technology, teaching jobs or financial budgeting, or parenting tips that can help other parents in managing their kids.


1. Length & Topic - Minimum 1000 words and above. Anything less and it is not detailed enough. Check our blog for the topics and tell me which one you have in mind.

2. Originality - All articles must be original. I will check for plagiarism! 

3. Images - All the graphics and images must come from a legitimate source (please provide the source). 

4. Exclusions - We don't accept Infographic submissions, research reports, press release, porn or gambling related articles.

5. Links - We will allow 1 dofollow link to your company website or social media page in the Author's Biography, so please include a short 60-word biography in your submission. We encourage you to insert at least 2 links to authoritative sites for evidence / statistical support to your statements or arguments. We reserve the right to remove links that can harm our blog’s authority, or aren’t related to the content or provide no value to our readers.


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i) We retain the copyright of all material published on our website.
ii) A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere; it must remain unique to Tutor City. 
iii) Tutor City also reserve the rights to make edits to the content without notifying the author. 
iv) Requests to take back your articles after they have been published will not be honored.

How to send your post to us?

You can email the word file to me, or use Google Docs. Send to info@tutorcity.sg with subject: "Guest Post [Title of your article]"

Editorial Process:

There will be at least one round of revisions which will be discussed with you. Because of the volume of submissions received, we may not be able to respond to every one, but please know that we read all pitches closely, and we appreciate the time and energy that writing them requires.

We do our best to respond to all proposals within 2 weeks. 
If we don’t accept the first pitch you submit, we hope you’ll try again with other great ideas.

Thank you for reading this and hope to see your article soon!

Wee Ben Sen
Tutor City


10 reasons why you should guest blog

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to spread your message, provide useful information and gain feedback from your audience online (no matter whether you are a business or a private individual). 

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, guest blogging can refer to two things. If you are a host it means that you invite an outsider who doesn’t work for you or your company to create a blog post (an article about a specific topic) that you will later publish on your website. The person you approach to do this is usually an industry expert and can make a valuable contribution to your blog. On the other hand, guest blogging refers to the practice of writing articles for other people's websites. 

Both the host and the blogger benefit from this type of collaboration. For a host, guest blogging provides an excellent opportunity to work with experts in the same industry they are involved in (this is why it is so valuable for business owners). And bloggers get crucial exposure to new audiences. Neil Patel has a step-by-step guide on how to guest blog, newbies should check it out!

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 reasons why you should get involved in the guest blogging. 

1. Guest blogging allows you to reach your target audience. 

This is probably the number one advantage of guest blogging. If you own a website your primary objective is to attract your target audience to this website and generate organic online traffic

It will only take you several hours to do your research and to write a high-quality blog post. But once it has been published on somebody else’s website it will exist there indefinitely so people will be able to find you through it forever. 

On average a guest blogger can get between 500 to 2000 visitors to their own site from one such blog post. However, this number can be much higher depending on the host who publishes your work. 

It is also noteworthy that people who click on your website through your guest blog post do so because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say, they are not just clicking on the link randomly. So the quality of online traffic you receive from guest blogging is much higher. 

Data shows that approximately 90% of visitors who simply stumble upon a website while surfing the net click off after just a few seconds. Whereas those visitors who found a website from a guest blog post spend approximately five minutes on the website and the bounce rate is considerably lower (only about 40%).

2. Create backlinks that lead back to your website. 

Usually, if you are invited to write a guest blog post for a website the host will give you a small column next to the post which is called the author's bio. 

If you don't know what are backlinks and its benefits, read Brian Dean's guide.

This is where you can provide the audience with a link that leads back to your own website. Not only does this link help your audience find your website thus increasing your organic online traffic, but having multiple backlinks out there on the web will also improve the SEO ranking of the site overall. 

Also, you might include backlinks leading to your other posts within the actual article. But do keep in mind that you are not allowed to include links for the actual products you sell only the links for blog pages. 

3. Building a network of influential bloggers. 

Guest blogging also allows you to create and fortify personal relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Some of these bloggers might have tens of thousands or even millions of readers so being featured on their webpage will definitely give your site a boost. 

You can make the first step towards building a relationship with the other bloggers by liking their social media pages, leaving comments on their blog posts, and tweeting about their work. 

But do not underestimate the importance of networking with smaller bloggers as well. In the end, the more active you are online the more exposure you will get and the more successful your website will be.

4. Guest blogging improves your brand awareness. 

If you own a company then guest blogging is definitely something you should try as it will increase your brand awareness and allow you to reach new customers. 

Let’s say for example, that you wrote a guest post for a website that is visited by approximately 20,000 people daily. Even if your post is ignored by most of them and is viewed by only by 3000 of them you might get approximately 300 visitors to your own website from this single post. And some of these visitors are bound to turn into paying customers. 

In addition, 3000 people have been exposed to your brand so even if they do not buy anything from you right now they might do so in the future when they come across your brand for the second or third time. 

5. Guest blogging increases your social media following. 

People who find your website via backlinks included in your guest blog post might want to follow you on various social media if they really like what you have written. 

Every Facebook or Instagram comment every retweet and subscription to your YouTube channel serves to promote your brand awareness and subsequently your sales. 

Also, if your audience really likes what you have written then they will share your content on their own social media pages and this will, of course, allow you to reach even more people.

If you are an expert in a field and an avid blogger then guest blogging is one of the best ways to improve your authority online

When you write a blog post for others and popular websites agree to publish it that shows a high level of trust and indicates that you are a true professional who truly knows what they are talking about.

Why is trust important and how do you calculate it - visit the Majestic site for more information

When people see that the blog host trust you, they start viewing you in a positive light which will undoubtedly reflect well on your own personal brand as well as your business. Establishing credibility and gaining your audience's trust is essential for turning readers into customers and being featured on other people’s blogs can help you do all of that.

On the other hand, you should be careful not to get affiliated with an untrustworthy host and website. So if you are offered a chance to host a guest blogger (or become one) do not just jump at the opportunity, do some research first to find out what the audience thinks about your prospective collaborator. A good reputation is fragile and you should tread carefully online to maintain it. 

6. You will improve your writing skills and get valuable feedback from the audience. 

Guest blogging is especially beneficial for new bloggers who want to hone their writing skills. When you write a blog post for somebody else you have to check it, then double-check it and triple-check it to make sure that all of the vocabulary and grammar is on point. Otherwise, your reputation as a writer will suffer and you will not be invited back. 

But the blog owners are not the only ones providing feedback on your writing, far more important is the feedback provided by your audience. 

By listening to constructive criticism and taking their feedback into consideration you will become a better blogger. If you are only writing for people who regularly visit your website then you have no incentive to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn new techniques. 

Whereas when you are writing a guest blog post for somebody else’s website you have to tweak your writing style to suit their audience. So writing a guest blog post is a valuable educational experience. 

7. Guest blogging allows you to build the search engine authority and the domain authority. 

By creating multiple guest blog posts and adding backlinks to your own website you are improving your website's SEO, namely the domain authority measured by Moz which is crucial in ranking your website. Eventually, your hard work will pay off and hopefully, your website will end up on the first page of Google. 

Whenever ordinary people search for something they rarely venture past the first page (some people do not even look past the first five or six results) so the more guest blog post you write and the more backlinks you generate the higher the chance of ending up with the top ranking. 

Learn more about SEO metrics from Ahref's detailed guide.

8. Keeping your website up-to-date. 

Guest blogging is not just beneficial for writers it is also immensely useful for brand owners who want to keep their website up-to-date with all the latest information and know-how. 

Due to a lack of time, the brand owners might not have the chance (or the necessary expertise) to write every single blog post by themselves. 

So if you own a blog that caters to a specific niche instead of spending your valuable time writing all the blog post on your own why not invite some industry experts to do it for you? They will get valuable exposure and you will get fresh content for your blog; it is a win-win situation! 

If your website is popular there is no reason for the bloggers to refuse your offer. However, even if you are not that well-known yet you might still interest them with a unique subject matter; there is no harm in asking. 

9. Guest blogging boosts your social media shares. 

We have already mentioned social media likes and comments however let’s go deeper into another (and perhaps the most important) aspect of social media: sharing

People are always keen to share some useful information they have discovered on the internet and if your article is engaging and contains a lot of useful information then your readers will certainly recommend it to their friends.

This is the type of high-quality word-of-mouth advertising money can’t buy. Every time somebody clicks the share button you gain access to more prospective customers, however, if you are particularly lucky you might even catch some celebrity’s or social media influencers’ eye. One endorsement from them will boost your credibility (and consequently your sales) tremendously. 

10. Guest blogging provides an excellent ROI (return on investment). 

Nowadays brands spend thousands of dollars on online advertisements to promote themselves and their products. Guest blogging is one of the cheapest alternatives to that. Although it cannot entirely replace the online advertising industry, it is certainly an excellent addition to it. In fact, if you are a blogger the main investment here is your time.

Spending just a few hours of your day on creating a high-quality blog post will potentially attract thousands of readers who can be converted into dozens of paying customers. 

And if you have a successful website and you wish to host guest bloggers on it there is really no downside for you. All you need to do is invest a bit of time into reaching out to your desired bloggers and voila! You will have fresh content, organic traffic, and a better SEO ranking. 

And one more advantage of guest blogging is that you are able to compete with the big companies in the manner you are not able to when it comes to investing money in online advertising

It does not matter whether you are a small brand, if your article is of better quality it will rank higher on Google. So you are being rewarded with success based on the quality of your work and not based on how much cash you put into ads.

Final Words

To conclude, guest blogging is immensely beneficial for both individual bloggers as well as commercial brands. It gives bloggers an opportunity to hone their writing skills to reach out to new audiences; the hosts benefit by keeping their blogs up-to-date and providing their readers with valuable information from industry experts. 

Guest blogging also presents a cost-effective supplement to your online advertising campaign; it helps attract organic traffic and prospective customers to your website. 

And these are just some of the top benefits. No matter which niche your blog caters to you will benefit from guest blogging.

List of Sites that accept guest posts:

  1. The Guardian
  2. Finance Guest Post
  3. Godaddy Blog
  4. readmeBro
  5. Decode Digital Market
  6. All U Post
  7. Sitepoint
  8. Classified Adv
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