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Best GP Tuition in Singapore- Top 30 Comprehensive Review

Looking for the top GP Tuition in Singapore? Here's what you need to know. Here is an extensive compilation of Singapore’s best General Paper (GP) tuition providers, together with their specialties and student reviews.

General Paper, or GP for short, is a mandatory subject that JC students taking their GCE A level examinations must study to graduate. While some people may think that GP is a form of English composition class, there is more to the subject than meets the eye. Rather than being a standard English language subject, the competitive nature of GP requires A-star students to command a proficient command of the English language as well as be well-versed in international and current affairs.

According to the A-level GP syllabus in 2022, students who want to ace GP would not only have to be highly competent in English grammar, vocabulary and essay skills, but they would have to be adept in current affairs as well as in critical thinking. Examiners prize students’ ability to hone coherent arguments and weigh competing viewpoints in order to arrive at a conclusion backed by the truth.

Even top-performing students in secondary school struggle to cope with the rigorous nature of GP once they enter their first year of junior college, let alone students who already have been dealing with weak English language fundamentals. Hence, these students need the additional mentorship and guidance that GP tutors can provide to ace this challenging subject.

How much does GP Tuition in Singapore usually cost?

When selecting the most suitable A level GP Tuition in Singapore, take your budget and tuition costs into consideration. Admittedly, there can be a major difference between private GP tutors’ fees and those quoted by specialised tuition centers. In light of the different fees among GP Tuition providers, it is imperative to know what each tuition option has to offer before you take out your wallet. Also, note that there are pros and cons to both group and one-to-one/private tuition lessons.

Although enrolled students in group settings will share the total cost per GP Tuition lesson, you would have to bear the total cost of one-to-one tuition if you prefer individualised attention. The more economically friendly route would be a group tuition option that offers affordable and quality lessons. Typically, on average, expect to pay around $250 to $350 for one month’s worth of weekly 2-hour group lessons.

Having said that, there are pricier group options that can range up to as high as $500 for one month’s worth of weekly 2-hour lessons. Nonetheless, the downside is that students in group settings will not have 100% individualised attention as the teacher has to deal with the needs of other students during the lesson. What this means is that students would have to know his or her learning styles to decide if group or individual lessons would benefit them better, costs aside.


Top 30 GP Tuition Options in Singapore

With Singapore’s competitive academic landscape, there are just so many GP tuition options for parents and students to choose from. Some of these options range from multi-subject tuition centers to specialised GP centers that dedicate their time just to teach the subject. Thus, it can be mind-boggling to simply decide which tuition option would be the most worth investing time and money in.

Fortunately for you, Tutor City has a proven track record of providing students with qualified and dedicated GP tutors who would address students’ struggles and impart valuable knowledge and life skills for students to ace GP and beyond. As such, Tutor City has already done the homework for you and compiled a list of 30 top-notch and well-acclaimed GP tuition options in Singapore here below for you to have a look.

1. The Learning Lab