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Finding Internship Jobs in Singapore?

Internships are an important part of a person’s professional growth. Adapting to the corporate world directly after you have completed your studies can be a big step forward which is why many students in Singapore tend to go for internships when they are graduating.

These internships let students get a taste of the corporate world before they head out to work at a big corporation.

Internships help the students to familiarize themselves with the work environment and the corporate culture.

Finding internship jobs in Singapore isn’t that difficult. You can find hundreds of different internship opportunities all over the city state. Almost all major companies in Singapore have internship programs so no matter your field of interest, you can easily find an internship job for yourself.

Before you search for an internship you should first have a clear path for your future. We have an informative article here on highest paying jobs and what you need to study to give you an idea on what to study or find an intern job to kick off your career.

You should know where you want to be a few years from now. Do you want a job in the private sector, or do you want to get employment in a government office or there is a third choice of going abroad for the job.


Getting Ready For the Right Field

Once you realize where you want to be few years from now, you can start searching for your desired internship job. You should understand that different fields have different requirements and they need different skills and educational qualification to enter the respective industry.

You get to learn different things from each type of internship. For people who have their eyes set on a specific private company should definitely try to get an internship in that company. If you want to become part of the public sector and you want to have a career there then you should definitely go for an internship in the government sector.

If you have plans of going abroad and finding job in another country then you should try to find an overseas internship job that can lead to a full time job.


Where Can You Find Internship Jobs in Singapore

There are many places where you can find internship in Singapore. However the most preferred place to find jobs is the internet. There are many job related websites that post internship jobs from different companies and sectors. Let’s take at some of these websites.


Indeed.com is one of the biggest job portals in the world. Students can use the website’s Singapore domain in order to find internship jobs both in and outside the country. It is an ideal website to find overseas internship jobs. It has a very user friendly user interface which allows you to apply for a position directly through the website.


One of the best websites for finding internship jobs in Singapore. This website is specifically designed for students who are looking for quality internship programs. With it wide range of internship opportunities, this is one of the most popular internship job sites in Singapore. If you are looking to get an internship in any of the major multinational companies then this is the site to visit.


No matter where you are in the world, if you are looking for an internship job, you can find it on LinkedIn. You need to create a profile that looks professional and showcases all your skills, talents and qualifications. One of the best things about LinkedIn is that sometimes you may find company representative approaching you for a position in their company rather than you approaching them. So it is very important for you to set up a LinkedIn profile. You should be very active on the platform if you want to create a strong professional network and find the right type of internship jobs.


Sign up, upload your resume and apply for your desired internship job. If you are shortlisted the company will contact you for the position of intern. The website is very easy to use and you can easily find internship jobs that you are looking for. All you have to do is search for the specific job in the search bar. One of the best things about using jobstreet.com.sg is that it offers a wide range of internship programs in different industries.


Career.gov.sg is an ideal website if you want to find internship jobs in the public sector. You can find a wide range of internship jobs ranging from government offices, ministries to government affiliated companies. It is one of the most credible job sites in Singapore. You can find internship programs in a wide range of government departments.


Glints is a great platform for Singaporean students to find internship jobs. One of the best thing about Glints is that you can find internships in other Southeast Asian countries as well as the portal has an international reach. So students looking for overseas internships should definitely checkout https://glints.com/sg.


One of the best features of jobsdb.com is that it can help you see search results from hundreds of different job sites in Singapore. So you don’t have to visit different job sites and search for an internship job when you can see all those results at jobsdb. This is why jobsdb.com is one of the most popular job searching sites in Singapore.


If you are looking for an internship job in any of the startups in Singapore and other South East Asian countries then startupjobs.asia is the website to go for. It is generally believed that there aren’t many internship jobs in startup firms. This is true in some cases as there are less positions per startup and they get filled up really quick. However new startups are always looking for passionate interns who are willing to learn new skills and who want to get a taste of the corporate world. Most startups don’t have a high capital which is why they prefer to hire interns rather than permanent employees. This creates a Win-Win situation for the interns and the startup as they both get what they are looking for.


If you are looking for an internship to build up professional experience and develop new skills rather than earn money then this is the site to go for. You can find a variety of different paid and unpaid internship in Singapore on this platform. Sometimes just getting your name professionally linked to a company can do wonders for you in the long run even if you aren’t getting paid anything for the internship. In addition to that, unpaid internships are easier to get for students and new graduates. Even if the internship is unpaid you get to get to learn a lot of new things which can help you reach new heights of success in the long run.

Company Websites

In addition to these job sites, you can also find internships on company’s own website. Now majority of the companies post their job opening on job sites however if you want to be part of a specific company, you shouldn’t avoid checking the careers tab on their website.

This way of finding an internship job is ideal for people who only want an internship job in a specific company. They don’t have to go through a long list of job opening when they can just visit the company’s website and apply for there.

Job Fairs

We are living in the era of information technology. You can find hundreds of different internship job opening online. However this does not mean that you have to avoid other professional platforms for job search. Job fairs are a great place to find an internship job in Singapore.

Not only can you find internship jobs at big brands but you also get to meet the people already working in the company. It helps you develop a more authentic image about the company and its culture. The existing employees can share their experience and help you make an informed decision about selecting an internship program. One example is the virtual career fair at https://vcf.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/vcf


Final words

These are some of the best and the most popular job sites and platforms in Singapore. Whether you are looking for an internship program to develop a specific professional skill or you are looking for an internship program that would lead to a full time job, you can find it on the above mentioned websites.

Be sure to do your research about the position and the company you are applying for.

These platforms make it easy for students to find internship jobs in Singapore but this does not mean that you should ignore other events and platforms like job fairs. Identify your skills, know what you want to do and then start searching for your dream internship job through any of the above mentioned platforms.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should never give up.

If you apply for an internship and you don’t get a call from the company then don’t lose hope.

Keep trying and with so many opportunities in the market, it wouldn’t take you long to find an internship that resonates with your career path.


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