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Best GEP Preparation Centres For Your Child

GEP Screening and Selection Tests take place every year. That is why you need to give your children adequate time to prepare for the exams. The best way to do that is to find preparation centers for your child.

The GEP preparation centers will equip your child with all the knowledge and skills they need to ace the exam. Of course, before that, you should also boost their learning at home. Read also: Should you enroll your child in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)?

Here is a complete guide to preparing your child for the GEP test at home and through preparation centers.

Basic learning tip: What is GEP?


Tips To Help Your Child With The GEP Selection Tests

Before you send your child off to the best GEP preparation centers, here are some things you can implement at home so they can be prepared in the best way:

1. Make Sure They Learn Words From Primary 4 to 5 Vocabulary Books

You will find many vocabulary guides out there for all levels. However, if you want your child to prepare in the best way then you should pick Primary 4 or higher level vocabulary books. Doing this will help your child to learn new and difficult words that will enhance their vocabulary.

Enhancing the vocabulary will help in the English Language and GA component of the GEP Screening Test. To ace the GA paper, your child needs to know more words to answer language and verbal questions. On the other hand, they need to know this for the English Language paper as they will ace the MCQ portion with ease.

Make sure you invest in these books and encourage learning at home too, with the help of a good english tutor. It will help your child to stay ahead of others and learn even outside the GEP preparation center.

2. Practice Questions From The Math Olympiad

Many individuals are not familiar with this, but the math questions in the GEP Screening test are similar in complexity and scope to the Math Olympiad. However, you need to make your child practice questions that don't go beyond the Primary 1 to Primary 3 syllabus.

After these levels, the questions become more syllabus and they are not apt for the GEP Screening Test. Helping your child practice these questions will provide them a look into various concepts that they don’t know from before. You can then help them solve these questions so that they can understand the concepts better. Or you can engage a proficient Maths tutor to solve the really difficult sums.

Challenging kids like this and helping them get out of their comfort zone will help them be confident while giving the test. They will be well-prepared, and they will know that they can easily solve any problem and challenge during the test.

3. Help Your Child With Open-Ended Questions

Many children struggle with open-ended questions. They don’t know what to do because there is no way for them to guess the answer. Such confusion can cause them to feel less confident about their exam.

However, you should help your child be prepared for such questions. Teach them the tips and tricks for answering these questions, and make them practice. If they still struggle with it then you should tell them to do the other questions first.

Once they have answered all the other questions, they can come back to the open-ended one and then try to solve if they have time left. If not, they will have attempted all other questions for which they will get marks for.


Best GEP Preparation Centers For Your Child

Now that you know the three most essential tips in helping your child with GEP preparation, it is time for you to find the best center. Doing this will enhance the learning of your child and they will excel in the test in no time. Here are some of the best centers for you to choose from:

1. EduCHAMPS Academy

EduCHAMPS is known for creating the best enrichment programs for children of all ages. They have knowledgeable experts on their team that can help your child develop adequate skills to ace the GEP test in no time. They are known for following a 5 “A Method”.

The method includes:

  • Active storage
  • Active understanding
  • Active analysis
  • Active recall
  • Active application

According to the experts at this center, these 5 A's are known for increasing the memory capacity of students. In the end, they retain more information and learn better. They have helped many students pass their GEP tests over the years.

Parents are mailed weekly reports so that they can also be caught up with the progress of their child. This will allow you to monitor your child and you can bring up concerns if you have any. EduCHAMPS is the best option if you want to give your child a rigorous environment to learn.

They will be able to challenge themselves here and prepare with the best. You can see their success history to know how well they have helped students with the GEP tests over the years.

2. Joyous Learning

As the name suggests, the tutors at Joyous Learning are known for making the learning process interesting and interactive for students. Their center has an incredibly positive environment that will help your child feel good while learning. They offer many programs including GEP preparation.

Their teachers are incredibly passionate and nurturing. They know how to bring the best in a student, and that is why many students from their center ace the GEP test in no time. If your child is shy, then this center is an ideal choice for them.

The teachers will encourage your child to open up and prepare for the GEP test while also working on other skills of the child. Such a holistic environment is rarely found anywhere now but it is not a problem at Joyous Learning. They will help your child achieve the best grade so they can gain admission to GEP.

Joyous Learning takes limited people while preparing children. That is because they focus on every child and make sure that your child is getting all the attention they deserve. That is why you need to apply before spots start filling up fast.

3. Global Education

Global Education is known for providing enrichment programs to students of all ages. They focus on setting a strong foundation for the kids so that they can become high achievers in the long-run. They offer many programs including GEP preparation.

They have been helping students gain admission into GEP for over a decade now. Their teachers are highly qualified and their environment is rigorous. They will help your child challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone.

This will allow your child to be open to learning and they will happily take on the challenge of preparing for the test. Global Education is known for pushing the boundaries of children so they can excel in every area. They create independent learners from an early age.

So, if you want your child to learn in a fast-paced and challenging environment for their GEP, then Global Education is the best choice. They will groom your child in every area of the test and they will end up excelling. After all, students of Global Education have received many distinctions for their academic achievements over this past decade.

4. Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher is known to provide a challenging environment to children. They do this so that children can deal with highly challenging scopes of English and Mathematics. They focus on the analytical abilities of the children so that they can achieve the best score on their test.

It is a guarantee that once you enroll your child at Mind Stretcher, they will be able to think critically and develop thinking creatively when given the complex and challenging Math problems. Your child will be ahead of most students in their abilities, and they will ace the GEP test with flying colors.

Mind Stretcher is known for stretching the boundaries of children so that they can do their best. If you are looking for a rigorous and fast-paced environment, then this is an ideal choice for you.


Final Verdict: Which Is The Best GEP Preparation Centre For Your Child?

The best GEP preparation center for your child depends on his/her abilities, your budget, the proximity of the center, and other things. That is why you must take every center into careful consideration. Research their proximity to your house and the amount they charge for GEP preparation.

After all, you don't want to spend a fortune on the GEP program and then spend money on travel expenses for your child to reach the center. So, the best center for your child depends on your preferences. All of these centers have amazing teachers and offer a rigorous learning experience.

They will push the boundaries of your children so they can work hard and challenge themselves during their GEP prep. Once you choose the best center, your child will ace their GEP test in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider all these options and choose the best one for your child's learning, you will not be disappointed.


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