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Best 8 Singaporean Movies To Watch With Your Kids

Watching movies is the best way to bond with your kids and your entire family. They provide entertainment while ensuring that everyone learns a lesson from the movie. However, it is crucial to choose kid-friendly movies while you are with your entire family.

While Hollywood has fantastic options, you should choose a local Singaporean movie to diversify the entertainment interests of your child. After all, there are some incredible movies that your kids will love. So, here are the top eight Singaporean movies you can watch with your kids when you have some free time.

1. I Not Stupid

I Not Stupid was released in 2002, and it revolves around the lives of three boys at the Primary 6 level of their education. The only problem is that they are placed in the lower academic stream. Because of this, society labels these boys as useless and good-for-nothing.

The entire movie is incredibly eye-opening as it shows the struggle of each boy to fit into the education system. Besides that, it also reveals the pressure they receive from their dynamic households. Don't worry, the movie is a comedy, and it delivers crucial lessons in a fun way.

The movie teaches parents to look beyond their kids' grades and see them for their character and talents. On the other hand, it teaches kids always to try their best and not worry about what others say. By the end of the movie, you and your kids will be filled with tears and laughter.

2. Home Run

If you want to watch an emotional movie with your kids, Home Run is the ideal choice. It is a story of two poor siblings. One is an older brother, and the other sibling is a younger sister.

The brother loses his sister's school shoes, and he wants to avoid trouble with their parents and school. So, they decide to share shoes secretly, so the school and parents don't find out. The central theme of the movie is the struggles of poverty and how children are affected by it.

However, the revolving themes are also about friendship and the love of family. The strength of the sibling bond will warm your heart, and you will be in tears by the end. So, don't forget to keep the tissue box handy while watching this movie.

3. Already Famous

If your kids love Lulu in The Noose, you should watch this movie with them as it stars Michelle Chong, who plays Ah Kiao, a village girl. Ah Kiao dreams of becoming an actress because she watches soap operas all day and is inspired by them. Even though her family disapproves of this dream, Ah Kiao travels to Singapore to make all her dreams come true.

However, it is not easy for her to follow her dreams because a love interest gets in the way when she goes to Singapore. Over there, she meets a handsome and charming fellow who works in a coffee shop. Of course, we all get derailed when some people come in the way of our dreams.

So, will Ah Kiao become a successful actress, or will she pursue her love interest? Or do you think she can have the perfect success story and a love story at the same time? Well, we will let you find that out for yourself.

4. We Not Naughty

We Not Naughty is directed by Jack Neo, and he has taken everyone by surprise with another fantastic family movie about the youth and their struggles. It is a story of three boys struggling with academics while finding it difficult to connect with their parents. They are suffering at home and at school, which puts a lot of pressure on them.

Because of these problems, they go through many incidents and situations that allow them to find themselves and discover their identities. During this process, they also find their talents, and it makes them realize that their grades do not define their worth. The movie will have you in tears while also making you smile by the end.

There are many themes that make this movie unique as director Jack Neo touches upon morality, cyberbullying, and the many issues that the youth faces these days. It is an essential lesson for all kids out there, which is why it is the perfect movie to watch with your kids during family time.

5. The Wayang Kids

Social acceptance and tolerance are two values that should be taught to each kid. We live in a diverse world, and these are essential qualities to have in an individual. Of course, they can only be taught from a young age so children can grasp these lessons.

If you want to incorporate these lessons into your kids, then The Wayang Kids is the right choice for you. It is the story of a Eurasian girl from China who is enrolled in a primary school in Singapore. She is asked to perform in a Chinese opera next to a Chinese autistic boy during her time here.

During the rehearsals, we witness that the kids form an excellent bond and a friendship that is heartwarming to see. They overcome cultural and language barriers during this time and work harmoniously towards the same goal. The movie is an essential lesson in extending kindness to other people and overcoming the obstacles of culture and language in the modern world.

6. Taxi! Taxi!

Taxi! Taxi! is a comedy film that was released in 2013. The movie is based on Diary of a Taxi Driver by Cai Mingjie, which was released in 2010. The story highlights Professor Chua See Kiat, a highly educated microbiologist with a PhD.

Even though he is highly educated, he can't seem to find a job and ends up becoming a taxi driver. However, he does not want society to know, because of which he hides his new occupation from his family. Because of this secret, the professor goes through many hurdles and experiences that will make you sympathize with his character.

Don't worry, the film is a comedy, and you will be in fits of laughter after seeing how the professor struggles to fit in his new job as a taxi driver. It is a fantastic film to watch with your kids as, by the end, all of your stomachs will start hurting due to all the laughter. You will sympathize with him and find his adventures hilarious as he tries to navigate this secret from everyone.

7. I Not Stupid, Too

Yes, I Not Stupid, our top choice, also has a sequel that you will equally love. The sequel is about the three boys and their family struggles and adventures. The story this time is about how parents and children communicate with one another and the obstacles that need to be overcome during this communication.

The three boys go through a series of difficulties and turmoil in their lives as they navigate communicating with their parents during their youth. It shows the reality of parent-children relationships and the struggle everyone goes through as they get older. It is a heartwarming film that will bring you and your family closer once you learn the lessons it has to convey.

The sequel is just as fantastic as the first movie, and the storyline is there to create awareness of everything that children go through during different phases of their life. The film is a lesson for both parents and children, which is why the entire family learn something from it.

8. The Reunion Dinner

Finally, we have The Reunion Dinner, which is a short film. Even though it is not as long as your typical movie, it will still touch your heart and provide you with a powerful lesson in a short time. The film is about a Chinese family and their ritual of a Chinese New Year family reunion dinner.

The dinner represents the different dynamics everyone has within the family and the relationship they have with each individual. The movie goes to show how in a specific family, there can be various networks of relationships that are unique from one another. Another remarkable thing about the film is that it spans a timeline from the sixties to the present day.

So, you will notice many generations of the same family witnessing the same ritual and how it unites each generation. By the end of the movie, your heart will be full, and it might motivate you to start your own ritual with your kids that can be passed down through generations.

Final Words

While there are many more local films, these are the top eight you can watch with your entire family. You will love these movies, and so will your kids. By the end of each movie, everyone will learn a valuable lesson.

However, movie time will also strengthen your bond with your family and enhance your relationships with the powerful lessons in each movie. So, start watching these fantastic movies now.

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