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Best 8 Apps For Tutors To Teach Physics

Physics is not the easiest subject to teach. Many science students don't like this subject because it is more complex and challenging than others. As a tutor, it is up to you to spark their interest and efficiently teach physics to them.

Of course, living in the 21st century means taking advantage of the technology we have at our disposal. You can find many apps and resources online to teach physics in a more engaging and interactive manner.

Here are the top eight apps you can use to teach physics.

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1. Coaster Physics

Coaster Physics is developed by educators for educators. That is why it is one of the best apps you will find to teach your students. It uses motion physics to add life to the classroom and engage students in the study of physics.

Here are some concepts you can teach kids through this app:

  • Laws of physics that govern the motion of a roller coaster
  • Correlation of acceleration and speed
  • How does the g-force keep changing at different points on the roller coaster track?

Once you have taught the basics of a roller coaster and the concepts of physics that apply to it, students can design their own roller coaster. This will allow them to put their knowledge to practical use and learn physics hands-on. When students are designing their own roller coaster, they will be able to apply concepts such as speed, energy, acceleration, and g-force.

The best part is that it does not require an internet connection so you can teach your kids any time. If you want to teach them about these concepts, then there is no better app than Coaster Physics to do this.

2. Simple Physics

Teach your students how to design complex structures by applying their knowledge of physics. Simple Physics is a fantastic app that will allow your students to design these structures such as ferris wheels, tree houses, and much more. The app aims to help you create something strong yet affordable.

The app features a blueprint editor that allows students to create a design within seconds. If they have made a mistake during this process, they can simply undo it and start again. Once they have completed the design, it is time to test it.

During the testing phase, students can see how the strain is being distributed across the design. For example, areas that don’t have much strain will be green, while areas that are under intense strain will be red. Using these cues, students can pinpoint problems in the design and work on fixing them.

Simple Physics also has a slow-motion feature. It allows students to slow their design and see where it is failing. That is when they can edit and fix their designs or start from scratch by destroying their design.

As a physics tutor, you can use this app to intellectually stimulate your students. They will apply physics concepts and learn engineering and physics in no time.

3. Velocity And Acceleration

Are your students struggling with acceleration and velocity? Do they find it challenging to grasp these concepts? If they are having these problems, then the Velocity and Acceleration app is just the perfect choice for you.

You can use this app to interactively teach your students these concepts. The app includes many animations that will make teaching easier for you and learning engaging for the students. All the complex elements involved with these concepts are broken down into simple illustrations.

These illustrations will help you make the concepts simple for students. The graphics and illustrations are made using students in mind, so you can count on the fact that it will help you teach more easily. The app also includes several exercises.

Once these concepts have been taught, you can provide them with these exercises to test their knowledge of the topics. It is a well-rounded app that helps with explaining and testing velocity and acceleration. The app can be used in conjunction with other resources for a holistic approach to teaching physics.

4. Newtonium Physics Simulator

Physics involves many complex problems. Sometimes even the best students can find it a challenge. However, as a teacher, it is up to you to make all of this easy for them so that they can excel.

This is where Newtonium Physics Simulator comes in. It is a fantastic tool that helps students in solving their physics problems. The simulator is best used for solving problems related to mechanics.

It has the power to calculate the forces exerted on an object or body and simulate the resulting motion in 2 dimensions with 3 degrees of freedom. Students can build models using structures, objects, and various tools present in the app. The best part is you can set the position, velocity, mass, and size so they can create their models around these factors.

As a science tutor, you can specify all the conditions that have to be met while making the model. Once the conditions are met, the simulation will be stopped automatically. From small forces to big forces, the simulator can calculate virtually anything.

So, if you want to diversify your teaching lessons and give students something practical to enjoy their learning, then you need to start using this app as a resource. It will take the teaching of physics to the next level.

5. Complete Physics

Are you looking for a comprehensive app? Do you want to teach various physics topics to your students in an engaging manner? Well, then this app will be right up your alley.

Complete Physics involves more than fifteen unique topics. There are various tutorials in this app that will answer a wide range of questions related to different physics topics. It also includes detailed solutions that will answer any query your students may have relating to the topic.

The app also includes physics quizzes so you can test the knowledge of your students on a wide variety of topics. Students can also gain access to the terminology and vocabulary of physics with the dictionary inside the app. However, its most unique feature is the note section.

You can utilize the note section to create summaries or save notes of topics so you can recall that extra information while teaching your students. The app covers many syllabuses for various exams such as GCE, KCSE, and much more. It is a guarantee you will find the syllabus of your choice that you can teach.

6. PhysicsOne Gravity

Did you know that students retain more information when play is involved with learning? The creators of PhysicsOne Gravity know this, and that is what they have kept in mind while creating this app. Students will understand concepts and fall in love with physics after using this app.

As of now, the app covers four unique experiments. These include:

  • Projection
  • Free fall
  • Oscillation
  • And pendulum

PhysicsOne Gravity keeps rolling out new experiments to provide variety to students when learning. Once they have done these experiments, the app also includes quizzes. You can utilize these to check the understanding of students.

The best part is that each experiment has a detailed and well-written summary. This will allow the students to understand the theoretical aspect of the experiments and enhance their knowledge of physics.

7. Exploriments: Electricity

The physics involved in electrical circuits can be challenging for some students to grasp. That is where Exploriments comes in. It helps explain the challenging processes involved with powering various things such as devices, cars, and houses.

Besides explaining these concepts, it also provides switches that the students can play with to learn more about electricity and power. All of this will help your students understand how physics is used to control circuits and electricity.

The app is easy to use and you can test the knowledge of your students with small quizzes after you have explained these concepts.

8. Crazy Machines

Last but not least, we have crazy machines. It is a fun physics game that can add some life and learning to your classes. The app includes more than two-hundred challenges.

However, the primary aim of this app is to let students create physics experiments and test various problems relating to them. Their guide in the app is a maths professor that encourages students to explore the world of physics.

It also provides multiple solutions so that students know what they are doing. If you want to make your class more fun and challenging at the same time, then utilizing this app is a great idea.

Final Words

These are the top eight apps you can utilize to teach physics to your students. All of them are related to different topics and some of them have many topics. It is up to you to choose the best ones for your syllabus.

You can mix and match different apps to create a diverse learning experience for your students. Once you do, they will love learning physics and they will understand every concept much more efficiently.

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