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Best 10 Martial Arts Classes For Your Kids

Learning how to physically protect yourself is an important skill that everyone should have. Martial art is one such self-defense form that allows people to cultivate discipline, strength, agility, and much more. When you enroll your kids in martial arts from an early age, you are providing them with an outlet to let off steam and move their bodies freely.

There are endless classes available for kids that want to take martial arts. So, if you are looking for the best martial arts classes in Singapore for your kids, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you select the best one.


How To Select The Right Martial Arts Classes For Your Kids

The first thing you need to understand is how to select the right martial arts classes for kids. After all, with so many options available, you might feel overwhelmed. So, here are the top ways that will help you opt for the perfect class that your kids will love:

Option Of Trial Lessons

It is crucial to allow your child to make the decision whether they will be interested in martial arts or not. Because of this, it is important to opt for a place that also offers a free trial class or a low-cost introductory session to the art. In addition, it will help you and your child to gauge whether the class is suitable for them.

After all, there are various forms of martial art that you can choose from. Each child will also enjoy one type of martial art form the most. So, make sure that you opt for a class with a trial.

Type Of Martial Art

There are various types of martial arts classes in Singapore you can choose from. These include the following:

  • Judo: Involves the use of submissions and locks to submit an opponent. It will help teach your child how to control their body so that they control the other person
  • Taekwondo: This art form focuses on spinning kicks, jumping, head-height kicks, and various fast-kicking techniques. It is a dynamic practice that kids can use for self-defense
  • MMA: Takes many practices of martial art into account to use feet, knees, elbows, and hands to take the opponent to the ground
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ): It involves leverage  and technique to successfully defend oneself from the opponent

Before you enroll your child in a martial arts class, you need to figure out what type of martial art you want them to learn. You can take trial classes of different forms and see what your child enjoys the most.

Training Of Instructors

Training of instructors is an important component that you shouldn’t overlook because it will reflect how well your child will do. As a general rule of thumb, you can look for instructors that have a black belt. Besides that, you can also check their certifications.

If they fulfill this criterion, then you must also ask them about the years of experience they have. All of this information will help you make an informed decision about whether the instructor is the right choice for your needs or not.

Number Of People In A Class

Yes, the number of people in a class will help you understand whether your child will get some focused attention or not. Besides that, even if the class is large, make sure that there are a few instructors in one class, especially if it is for beginners. One instructor should provide attention to five or six people at one time.

You can also find classes that provide training to smaller groups at one time. This will guarantee that your child understands the martial art form. It will also ensure that they get some individual attention to hone their skills.


The price of the classes can make or break your decision to enroll your child, as you have to keep it under your budget. The classes can range anywhere between $50 SGD and $200 and above. It will depend on the number of classes you want to take in a month and how much the academy is charging for each class.

Once you get in touch with the academy, they will let you know about their cost and pricing. You also have to find something nearby so you are also not spending a lot of money on the commute. Make sure you take all factors into account to come to the right conclusion.


Best 10 Martial Arts Classes For Your Kids

Now that you understand how to choose the perfect martial arts class, you might be wondering what options you have at your disposal. Well, we have done the research for you, and here are the ten best martial arts classes in Singapore for your kids that you can enroll in no time:

1. The Gentle Art


183 East Coast Road Singapore 428889



Contact Details


+65 6342 0113

The Gentle Art Academy offers Suples Bulgarian Bag classes and BJJ to help your child build strength and defend themselves. It has an official Suples certification, and the instructors are certified and trained in this art form. These classes are available for kids and adults, so you can also try one of these classes if you wish to see what it is about.

You can opt for the Suples or BJJ classes for your child or both. In the long run, they will burn a lot of calories and have better discipline and strength. So, check out their classes today.

2. Evolve MMA


Orchard Central, Far East Square, Clarke Quay Central, Kinex, and Star Vista



Contact Details

+65 6536 4525

Evolve MMA is one of the most popular places in Singapore that offers martial arts classes. They have an extensive program for children that teach them how to defend themselves while being in a position that is advantageous for them. The best part is that this academy recruits World Champion instructors that will guarantee your child learns in an ideal environment.

The most important component of Evolve MMA’s program is self-defense, but children will also pick up many other skills while they train. These include teamwork, discipline, commitment, and more. So, don’t forget to consider this option.

3. NewAge Taichi


1 Choa Chu Kang Grive, ITE College West, Blk 1#02-07, Singapore 688238



Contact Details


Not every kid enjoys a fast and dynamic practice, as some like a measured and slow movement practice. If that is what your kid wants, then make sure you check out NewAge Taichi. It will help children have controlled breathing and movement, a clear mind, perfect posture, and more.

The practice includes slow and gentle movements that also enhance bodily awareness. Anyone that needs a good night’s sleep can opt for Taichi. It also helps boost flexibility and strength with its movements.

4. Trifecta Martial Arts


900 Bedok North Rd, Singapore 479994



Contact Details

+65 8111 7019

Trifecta Martial Arts are highly popular for providing Taekwondo and BJJ training to children. The professionals and trained, and they can teach kids as young as three years. During this time, they build a strong foundation by teaching the basics of martial arts with drills and games.

As they grow up, the trainers make sure that the children have the ideal setting to learn how to defend themselves. If you want to enroll your child in martial arts from an early age, then Trifecta Martial Arts can be the best option for you.

5. Neue Fit


1 Stadium Place #02-07, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628



Contact Details

+65 8866 8748

Neue Fit is known for having some of the most interactive and fun martial arts classes in Singapore. It combines games, drills, and BJJ to improve the overall fitness levels of the child. Besides that, the environment is highly interactive, which means it will be a great place for your kid to make some new friends.

The instructors here also have a Black Belt, and they have decades of experience in teaching kids. This is why you can count on them to help your child fall in love with martial arts in no time.

6. AikiForest


Alexandra Retail Centre 460 Alexandra Road #03-02 Singapore 119963



Contact Details

+65 6273 1125

Aikido is a unique martial art form that focuses on principle more than technique and has a distinct perspective on the solution to aggression. The techniques used in this martial art form are highly fluid, and AikiForest prides itself on teaching Shinju-kai Aikido. This type of Aikido uses modern techniques to help the child.

The instructors have been teaching this type of Aikido for a long time, which is why it is the perfect place to learn this martial art form. So, if your child is interested in learning Aikido, then you can opt for AikiForest.

7. Capoeira Kids Singapore


Brazilian Cultural Center, 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287992



Contact Details

+65 9645 6224

Are you looking for the most unconventional way for your child to learn martial arts? If you are, then you shouldn’t look further than Capoeira Kids Singapore. It rolls music, dance, and martial arts into one so that kids can have a dynamic practice.

The instructors incorporate Brazilian dance movements and other natural movements. Kids from the age of five years can join these fun classes and explore fun bodily movements. So, don't forget to try one of their classes today and see how fun they are.

8. Singapore Judo Club


570 Havelock Road (S 169640) Level 2, Kim Seng Community Centre



Contact Details


Each of us has unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to our physical abilities. For example, some children lack coordination skills and fall down a lot. If that is something that happens a lot to your kids, then you can opt for the classes at Singapore Judo Club.

These classes have been specially designed to teach children better coordination skills, improvement in posture, and much more. They will also learn how to use sweeps, tosses, and throws to bring their opponent to the ground. So, make sure that you take Judo Club into consideration to improve all these aspects.

9. JH Kim Taekwondo Singapore


Rover Valley, Siglap, Katong, and Tampines



Contact Details


JH Kim Taekwondo Singapore is one of the best Taekwondo schools that also offer trial classes for you to understand whether this school is right for your children. Their teaching methods ensure that your child gains strength and cultivates discipline. There are programs for kids between ages three and 16 with classes for adults too.

They also offer Junior Black Belt programs. So, if you are looking for any of these aspects, then you can opt for JH Kim Taekwondo Singapore.

10. JR Muay Thai


149C Selegie Rd, Singapore 188314



Contact Details


Finally, we have JR Muay Thai to help your kids build a better body and mind. They take $25 SGD for the trial class and around $99 SGD for four sessions. In the long run, Muay Thai will help your kids develop mental strength, focus, discipline, and more.

They will also get to learn basic kicking and boxing skills. If you want to train with your kid, then you can opt for the Family Muay Thai package, which starts at $120 SGD.


Final Thoughts

These are the best martial arts classes in Singapore that you can enroll your kids in today. The one you select will depend on your budget, preferences, proximity, and much more. Each of these places offers something unique and has a comprehensive martial arts program with the best instructors.

So, what are you waiting for? Go through all our top martial arts classes, check their reviews, and select the best one for your child that they will enjoy and love in no time.

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