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All You Need To Know About Gen Z Kids

Gen Z is on the cusp of adulthood as many of them are entering the workforce and voting. They are the future, which is why it is crucial to understand this generation.

Gen Z kids were born between 1997 and 2012, and they are known to be one of the most diverse generations.

These kids have been born in the digital age, and they are set to change the world. Here is everything you need to know about Gen Z kids.

1. Ethnically And Racially Diverse

If you didn’t know already, Gen Z is the most ethnically and racially diverse generation you will find. According to Pew Research:

  • 52% of Gen Z kids are non-Hispanic white
  • 15% of Gen Z kids are black
  • 6% of them are Asian
  • And 5% of them are some other race or two or even more races

These figures emphasize the act that the racial and ethnic makeup is changing, and Gen Z is at the forefront of this change. That is why this generation also requires diversity and inclusivity no matter where they are. Of course, that is a great trait to have because all of us should be more inclusive of others.

More of this generation is entering the workforce, which is why these values have also become more prominent in workplaces. It is one of the most positive changes in the workforce that we have witnessed in recent years.

2. Raising Their Voices

If there is one thing that Gen Z is excellent at, it is raising their voices on issues that matter. This generation has been at the forefront of many societal issues, and they keep raising their voices to create change. That is because Gen Z kids openly engage in discourse about gender identity, race, ethnicity, and much more.

These kids are also eager to share their opinions and ideas with other people. Because of this, they are always challenging the status quo and trying to make a difference. You will rarely find a Gen Z kid that doesn’t have an opinion on everything.

Such expression matters because there are many issues in society that we need to fix. Gen Z kids will be the proponents of this positive change, and we can't wait to see it. Even millennials have joined this discourse as they support Gen Z kids being vocal and expressive.

3. Best-Educated Generation

Yes, Gen Z kids are on track to become one of the most educated generations of our time. Here is what the research by Pew Research concludes:

  • Gen Z kids are less likely to drop out of high school
  • 57% of Gen Z kids have been enrolled in a two or four-year college
  • Gen Z is also more likely to have college-educated parents
  • In 2018, 18% of Gen Z teenagers were employed

As we can see, the educational patterns are changing, and Gen Z is on track to become the best-educated generation. They are less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to attend college. Even their parents are more educated than others.

Such engagement in educational endeavors means that they will be entering the workforce with a bang and will completely change everything for everyone. Even Gen Z teenagers are eager to work and earn money, as we can see from the research. Such an attitude is important to have a prosperous life and make the most out of what we have been given.

4. The Digital Generation 

Gen Z kids have been born in the digital age, which is why they are excellent at handling technology and digital products. These kids have shown us that there is no limit to what technology can look like. They have been at the front of the rise of the ecommerce model to the success of TikTok.

Gen Z kids are creative, smart, and they are redefining every aspect of our lives. Even during the pandemic, their entrepreneurship spirit had risen as they were trying to make good out of the situation. They were also at the forefront of campaigns such as Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement.

The Gen Z kids are also adapting to the new technology much faster, and they want the world to know about their preferences, dislikes, and likes. Even companies have taken note of this, which is why they are always trying to create a custom experience for their customers.

If you don’t know how to fix a technological issue, and you have a Gen Z kid nearby, then don’t forget to call them. They know how to take care of anything related to technology, which is why they will dominate the tech sector once they are fully in the workforce.

5. Mental Health Matters

Mental health problems have become even more rampant than before because of many factors. That is why Gen Z kids have no problem talking about this issue as well, as they have begun important conversations on this matter. According to reports by McKinsey, over a billion people are struggling with mental health or substance abuse disorders.

Even companies have gotten on board with this, as they are trying to remove the stigma of talking about mental health from the workplace. These companies are also taking steps to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their employees. Of course, such an environment is important for people to thrive in the workplace.

That is why more people feel supported, and the workplace situation is not as bad anymore. As Gen Z kids talk more about mental health, this problem will become even better. The changing workplace is one of the top examples that we are finally talking about what matters and taking the necessary steps to create the change we need in our society.

6. Resourceful Generation

No matter what you think, Gen Z kids are incredibly resourceful, as they can easily figure out everything within seconds. They don’t even require adult supervision or help to figure these things out. These kids are perhaps the first generation that doesn’t need an adult for knowledge, as they know that they can easily get this knowledge online.

Gen Z kids are always finding answers to solutions, which is why they are activists, and they do what they say. They will not ask for your permission to do something because they know what they are doing. After all, these kids have the entire world at their fingertips, as they have access to Google, TikTok, YouTube, and many other such platforms.

The most surprising part is that if you need help with anything, Gen Z kids will be there to aid you without any issues. Gen Z kids will do whatever they like and explore everything, which is why they will never ask your permission. Instead, they might do what they like and then ask for your forgiveness.

If you need such resourcefulness, it doesn’t get better than the Gen Z generation. You can seek help from them for technology or anything else, and they will help you out. So, be sure to always keep a Gen Z friend close.

7. Focused On Finances

Gen Z kids are focused on finances and money, as they know that financial stability will make their lives better. They are more likely to have a job that offers this financial stability, as they understand its importance. On the other hand, Millennials are more likely to have jobs that offer them meaning, fulfillment, and purpose.

Of course, this focus on finances comes from the fact that Gen Z has seen their parents struggle with finances for the longest time. We all know that most Gen X members lost their wealth during the recession that came in 2008. Viewing such struggles has not been easy, which is why Gen Z aims to make their lives better by having enough financial freedom.

Such an attitude is admirable, as money is one of the top things that allows us to have a comfortable. Gen Z kids will do anything to find new sources of revenue or create businesses from an early age that will provide them with money. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in these kids, which is why you will see many small businesses being run by Gen Z kids.

8. Craving Human Interaction

While Gen Z was born in the digital and technological age, they still crave human interaction just like anyone else. For example, they would rather give a work interview in person than online, as it feels too impersonal. Even the workplace is taking note of this need, which is why they are trying to focus on meetings and collaboration.

Ever since the pandemic, everyone has become more isolated than ever, which is why there is a higher need for human interaction in such times. They seek this interaction even in relationships, which is why they love spending time with people they love. In the age of technology and digitization, Gen Z understands that we need human interactions to survive and thrive.

9. Embracing Change

Adapting to change is the key to survival, and Gen Z kids love to embrace change, as they are one of the most well-informed generations. They adapt to the changes that come, and they want to get involved in these changes to make a difference in the world. That is why they are also one of the most passionate generations about the problems that exist in our society today.

Of course, social media has also helped Gen Z embrace this change as they have a platform where they can be vocal and share what they think. They are always engaging in insightful debates about vital issues that affect our society on every level. These kids might even engage in debates about issues that haven't begun affecting us yet.

That is why Gen Z kids have one of the strongest abilities to adapt to changes. Such a quality is highly appreciated, as the world has become fast-paced, and many of us can’t even keep up with the changes that are taking place daily. In such times, the Gen Z generation is a ray of sunshine.

10. Entrepreneurs

Finally, the Gen Z generation is all about entrepreneurship as they want to make as much money as soon as possible. More than 60% of Gen Z kids indicate that they have started their own business or they plan on starting their business soon. Of course, we can also see this as they are dominating the digital market.

For example, many Gen Z kids have their own successful YouTube or TikTok channels that are allowing them to mint money. Besides that, many of them are selling beauty products, reviewing products and games, ecommerce stores, and much more. They are embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the best way possible, and we are here to witness this incredible change.

Thanks to social media and technology, these kids have the platforms they need to enhance this spirit in themselves and do something to make their lives better. In the long run, we will see more Gen Z kids open up their businesses, as they are not stopping anytime soon. They are independent workers that don’t require to work in an office or under someone else, as they know that they can achieve everything on their own.

Final Thoughts

That is everything you need to know about Gen Z kids, as they are the future, and that future is here and now. They are taking charge of their destiny and redefining what it means to be young and full of energy. All of us can learn a lesson or two from this generation as their spirit is unmatched.

Keep your Gen Z friends close to you and see how life changes for the better. They are incredibly loving and will do everything possible to help their friends and family. It doesn’t get better than this generation, as they are breaking barriers each day.

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