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9 Ways To Give Your Physics Grades A Jump-Start

Physics governs our lives and we use it or experience it every day. It defines the dynamics of earth and nature, the fundamentals of technology and the concepts of space, time, matter and energy. The study of physics is without a doubt of high relevance in today’s society.

It not only helps to understand our existence but also helps provide solutions for mankind to survive for years to come. Physics has made our lives much simpler with technology that we so extensively use day in and day out. It is everywhere and helps contribute to the other disciplines as well, such as the earth, agriculture, astrophysics, cosmology, chemical, biological, IT and medical applications.

In Singapore, Physics is introduced at O-Level starting from secondary 3, teaching the students the basics like energy, matter, and their correlation. It could be one of the most intimidating subjects for many if the basics are not clear right at the beginning as it has a lot of technical jargon and symbols.

The subject demands an inquisitive mind, a deep understanding of the concepts, technical application and also good mathematical skills. We have compiled a list of handy tricks that are sure to help you master Physics as well as give your grades a jump-start.

Tricks to help you master Physics and improve your grades

  1. Master your physics basics
    To begin with, you need to master the basics of Physics and have a very clear understanding of all the concepts, theories, principles and laws of Physics. If the foundation is set it would automatically generate interest and liking for the subject and also make it very easy to grasp the subject as the difficulty level increases.

  2. Dedicate time to practice
    Practice makes a man perfect. Make sure you set aside at least half an hour every day to practice and go through what you have learned in class as well as in your tuitions, even if you have understood the topic well. This would help reinforce and remember the concepts. Memorizing the concepts won't help in Physics. If you want to excel you need to understand, practice and apply it, just like mathematics.

  3. Make notes and use drawings
    We would suggest you always make your own notes during self-study. Try and have a graphical representation of the concepts as much as possible. Writing and the use of drawings would help you process the information faster and retain it. Also, it would make it easier for you to prepare and revise for your exams. 

  4. Read up before class
    Reading up the topic before your class is a good practice as it would help you comprehend it better. By doing so, you would gain some familiarity with the topic which would make it easier for you to follow your teacher during the class. You can also make a list of your questions and pay more attention to those topics in the class. In case you still need more clarity you can easily get them clarified during the class itself.

  5. Be patient and have an open mind
    Let's face the fact that Physics is a complex subject. There would be some topics you would understand immediately while some that you won’t get at first. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep an open mind and keep practicing. Patience and persistence would help you master this complex but wonderful subject.

  6. Use of additional learning aids
    Don’t restrict your learning only through the course books. Use as many other mediums of learning as possible. Use your screen time wisely and watch videos available on the internet on different topics of physics or sci-fi movies and shows. They would definitely help you understand and relate to laws and concepts of Physics. You can also listen to podcasts or panel discussions given by experts in the field of Physics. Visual and audio aids really help in retaining the information and also make learning fun.

  7. Ask questions
    Be inquisitive and ask questions if you have the smallest of the doubt in your mind regarding any concept in Physics. These doubts if not clarified can be a big distraction and would hinder your leaning in the short as well as the long run. Asking the questions at the right time is equally important to build your knowledge. Asking questions keeps you engaged in the subject. Research shows that answers received to your own questions are more likely to be remembered by you.

  8. Discuss with your peers
    Discussing what you have studied in class with your peers is a great way to gauge your understanding of the subject as well as revising it. You can also get your questions clarified while discussing with your peers if you don’t get a chance to do so in class. On the other hand, helping out your peers with a topic he/she has not understood well will also help you get a deeper understanding of the subject.

  9. Get help from a Physics Tutor
    Seek the help of physics tutors if you are unable to cope up with the subject or just want to improve your grades. Tutors can give you more individual attention as compared to school. One-to-one tuitions would be even better if you are really struggling with the subject. It would help you ask your doubts openly without worrying about disturbing others or getting embarrassed.

These tricks can be applied at any level – O level, A level, Junior College or even when you are doing your masters in Physics. They are so simple to follow yet overlooked by many. These steps are sure to make a huge difference in your learning experience as well as to your impression of Physics.

Tutor City have an experienced team of physics tutors who can help you build a connection with the subject and also master it by making sure you understand the basics, keep practicing and solving problems and associate with the advanced level of teachings.

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