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9 Best Schools To Get Your MBA In Singapore

Many professions in Singapore and other countries require you to get an MBA. Some companies also prefer this degree to give people senior-level jobs. This is why completing the program can help you stand out on the list of applicants easily.

If you want to do an MBA in Singapore, knowing the best schools is essential. Getting a degree from a reputable institute with excellent faculty will help you easily excel in your field. So let's take a look at the nine best schools to get your MBA in Singapore.

  1. National University Of Singapore (NUS)

Address: 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077

Website: https://nus.edu.sg/

Contact: +65 6516 6666

Program Duration: 17 months

NUS is one of the best schools to get your MBA in Singapore. The college has global recognition, and you don't have to face issues after getting the degree. This is because EQUIS and AACSB recognize the institute. It is also affiliated with international colleges such as Columbia Business School, Copenhagen Business School, etc.

Another brilliant feature of NUS is that it offers multiple programs such as BBA, Executive MBA, MSc, and PhD. So you can easily change your mind if you lose interest in getting the MBA. Besides that, you can also choose to get higher education from this institute. The best part is that the university's curriculum is well-developed to cover essential topics in the business field.

The university also accommodates students by providing part-time classes for those who work to save for tuition fees. This is why many people select NUS for getting their MBAs in Singapore. The school is also has a suitable experience of more than 40 years in the education field. So you can easily benefit from the teaching of a well-versed faculty.


Address: 1 Ayer Rajah Ave, Singapore 138676

Website: https://www.insead.edu/

Contact: +65 6799 5388

Program Duration: 10 months

INSEAD is a prestigious university in Singapore for getting an MBA. The school has ranked 2nd on the best QS World Universities for Business Management. You can easily benefit from a reliable education that will prepare you for your career field. The MBS program of INSEAD also ranked sixth on QS Global Full Time MBA Rankings in 2021.

This university is one of the top graduating institutes globally. The college has campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and France. Meanwhile, the faculty includes 165 members who are experts in the business field. More than 1,300 MBA students graduate from INSEAD with high marks and experience every year. So getting a job after completing the program will be relatively easy for you.

Another great thing about INSEAD is that its MBA program is not prolonged. You can complete it within ten months to open new career options in your life. The institute also partners with Wharton and Tsinghua University for a joint EMBA program. INSEAD also helps 11,000 executives complete their higher education every year. So be sure to check out its offerings.

  1. Aventis School Of Management

Address: 100 Orchard Rd, #04-100, Singapore 238840

Website: https://www.aventis.edu.sg/

Contact: +65 6720 333

Program Duration: 12 months

Aventis School Of Management is another prestigious school for business management in Singapore. The university was on the list of a survey conducted in 2016 about the most preferred universities in Singapore for postgraduate degrees. This is why you can rely on Aventis to help you excel in your career. It offers a renowned faculty and flexible tuition fee option to students.

This university's primary feature is that it offers a part-time course program and is an international graduate school. You can get the degree within 12 months and easily apply for senior-level jobs. The institute has been operating since 2007 and has produced many experts. The great thing is that the fee is $500 per month, and you can pay it over 24 instalments.

You should also remember that Aventis is partnered with many renowned universities in the UK and US. These accreditations also add to the appeal of this business school in Singapore. The degree can be used in your native country, or you can look for an international job. The best part is that the search will be easy because this school is well-recognized.

  1. Manchester Business School

Address: 80 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068898

Website: https://www.manchester.edu.sg/

Contact: +65 6538 4454

Program Duration: 24 months

The University of Manchester offers a part-time MBA course in Singapore to help local and international students. A key feature of this school is that it provides you with an additional live company project of six months. This is designed to help you gain hands-on field experience. You can use the project in your resume to easily highlight your achievements and land a job.

Another top feature of this university is that it is renowned for its business program. So you don’t have to worry about facing accreditation issues after your postgraduation. The school is recognized in Singapore and many other countries to give an extensive range of options. You can also benefit from the other specializations that this school offers.

However, the best part about joining Manchester Business School is that you don't have to take the GMAT to qualify for application. Instead, you will have to pass the school's admission test. This is a 45-minute paper that tests your basic knowledge of business and finance management. The university also provides a Global Careers Service to help you find opportunities easily.

  1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Address: 52 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

Website: https://www.ntu.edu.sg/business

Contact: +65 6791 1744

Program Duration: 12 months

NTU is well-renowned in Singapore for producing brilliant students who excel in their career fields after postgraduation. This school is not to be taken lightly because of the high experience. The institute also has a firm foundation in the business industry and research because of its Asian roots. So you can rest assured that you will receive an exemplary education at NTU.

The university also has a great campus in Singapore with lush green fields and an advanced interior. The curriculum is also designed to help you in multiple ways. However, the key takeaway is that the MBA program will provide you with a global perspective on business management issues. Your stay at NTU may be short, but it will surely stimulate your intellectual abilities.

If you’re interested in getting admission to recent MBA programs, you can also opt for the university's latest offerings. For instance, the Nanyang-WASEDA DOUBLE MBA Full Time is an excellent additional course. Similarly, you will encounter multiple options with different fees and durations. All programs of this university are certified by the GMAC, AACSB, and EQUIS.

  1. The Strathclyde MBA

Address: 277 River Valley Road, Singapore 238318

Website: https://www.strath.ac.uk/courses/postgraduatetaught/mba/mba-singapore/

Contact: +65 6334 0600

Program Duration: 24 months

The Strathclyde MBA is an affiliated program with the University of Glasgow. It is an internationally recognized institute with a prestigious faculty in Singapore. The university is also certified by AACS, EQUIS, and AMBA. These three international bodies are renowned, and many companies prefer workers with degrees from accredited institutes. So you can get an edge over others by opting for this university.

You can get the MBA within 24 months through the part-time course of this university. Besides that, the school is also won the Research Excellence Framework in 2014 because of its exemplary research experience. It is also one of the top ten universities in the UK for business management and research. This is why you will get a lot of hands-on experience at The Strathclyde MBA.

The MBA project will also help you with practical application in the career field. You can also continue your job while studying at this university to get your MBA. This means you can easily gain relevant qualifying experience for a high-paying job during your education instead of focusing on the task after graduation. You can save time and money by choosing The Strathclyde MBA in Singapore.

  1. Essec Global MBA

Address: Essec Asia-Pacific Campus, 5 Nepal Park, Singapore

Website: https://www.essec.edu/en/program/mbas/global-mba/

Contact: +65 6884 9780

Program Duration: 12 months

Essec is a renowned institute in Europe for offering excellent business programs. The best part is that the school also provides a Global MBA option in Singapore for international students. You can receive your postgraduate degree within a year and reach new career heights. Many executives use this school to get an MBA and apply for a senior-level jobs without wasting time.

The first track of this program will help you learn about digital and strategic business leadership. Meanwhile, the second part is suitable for luxury brand management. So you can easily gain relevant experience by choosing Essec for your MBA. The top feature of the school is that the one-year program is full-time.

Besides that, Essec also offers the same program in Paris if you will be leaving Singapore or don't live there. Another benefit is that you can also opt for one of the multiple specializations if you're unsure about the MBA program or lose interest halfway. You will also gain research skills and improve at understanding marketing trends at Essec.

  1. Lee Kong Chian School Of Business (LKCSB)

Address: 50 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178899

Website: https://business.smu.edu.sg/

Contact: +65 6828 0100

Program Duration: 10 to 15 months (full time), 18 months (part-time)

Singapore Management University (SMU) is a top-ranking school in the country with multiple offerings. LKCSB is the business institute of this renowned university. It is the first school offered by SMU, and it has been operating since 2000. So you can rely on the experience and popularity of LKCSB to offer you an accredited degree.

The SMU undergraduates are known for landing good job positions at famous companies in Singapore and elsewhere. This also applies to the postgraduate MBA students of LKCSB. You can get an entry-level job and study under the part-time course to manage both things. Doing so will help you save time and gain experience before your degree program finishes.

However, you can also opt for the full-time program if you want to directly land a high-paying job. The best part is that you can be done with the study in as low as ten months. The LKCSB faculty is also famous for having members from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and other international schools. So you can gain a more hands-on and intellectual education at LKCSB.

  1. Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific

Address: 146 Robinson Road, #07-01/02, Singapore 068909

Website: https://rutgers.edu.sg/

Contact: +65 6532 0083

Program Duration: 14.5 months

The Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific is the Singapore subsidiary of the globally recognized Rutgers University. This institute offers excellent programs in the US and produces brilliant executives. You can also benefit from the offerings in Singapore and land high paying jobs easily. The best part is that your business management skills will improve significantly.

A great thing about the university is that it also offers open enrolment custom education options for people and corporations. Many companies send their workers to this institute to gain a better education and improve in their respective positions. Your research skills will also improve at Rutgers, along with the ability to read marketing trends/

Besides that, the international alliance also ensures that you will not face accreditation issues in the future. If you wish to work outside Singapore, the degree will be recognized in multiple countries. Rutgers Business School also offers an EMBA program for helping executives. The tuition fee is also relatively reasonable.

Final Words

These are the best schools to get your MBA in Singapore. These institutes vary from low to expensive tuition fees. Their durations also differ, so you can easily choose the best options as per your needs. The part-time courses are suitable if you already have an entry-level job or working to put yourself through business school.

Once you go through the list and understand your needs, you can easily select the suitable top options. Of course, your admission also depends on the GMAT score or the university's admission test. So be sure to prepare well to get an MBA from one of the earlier-mentioned schools in Singapore.

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