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8 Things You Can Do For Your Hardworking Child Who Still Gets Poor Results

Is your child working hard and spending most of their time studying but still unable to achieve the deserved grades? Well, this is a problem many parents and children face, and they try to blame anything they see. However, many things come into play when this is happening.

It is an entire process you must understand very carefully as a parent. So before starting with anything, do not pressure your child and let him be as he is for the time being.

As a parent, we can understand your concern, and who would not want their child to get good grades after studying hard?

However, before moving on to what you need to do, there are some things you need to understand why it might be happening.

Reasons Why Your Hardworking Child Still Gets Poor Results

Your child may be studying perfectly well at home and completing his assignments without help. But in school, he may face some problems, which may be working as a hurdle.

Here are some reasons why your child gets poor results.

  1. Getting Bullied By Classmates

Bullying is one of the biggest problems that stops a child from progressing and mentally torturing them. You may be thinking that is not what is happening, but many children refrain from telling their parents if they are getting bullied in school.

This is something you must inquire by yourself or ask your child about it. However, ask them in a very loving manner. do not try to force the answer out of them.

If they do not want to tell you, let it be. They might not be getting bullied, then.

  1. Distracted By Phone or Gaming

Children spend on smartphones or gaming is a lot and something you need to take care of. Yes, it may be good for children to refresh their minds, but excessive usage can lead to the opposite.

In addition, make sure to restrict their time on such activities. Not only do they weaken the eyesight, but they also weaken memory.

Try diverting their mind to other productive activities that can help in brain development. Here are 5 tips on preventing phone addition for your child.

  1. Lack Of Motivation

This is one big reason your child may not be achieving grades as they should. No doubt, your child studies the entire semester. But many children lose motivation right before the exams.

Therefore, you must ensure your child is all set for his examination and that nothing is stopping him from doing so. Try to motivate your child as much as you can.

However, while motivating him, do not force him. Unfortunately, this is a mistake many parents end up making without even realizing it.

  1. Forcing Your Child To Study

This mistake can only be made on a parent's side. However, this is something every parent must realize. Every child is different, and parents should understand their child's mindset.

No doubt, every parent wants their child to score the highest, but if they are not for any reason, do not force them. Instead, try to understand why it is happening and work on it.

No child studies and brings better grades by being scolded. Therefore, ensure you do not end up forcing your child to study.

8 Best Things You Can Do For Your Hardworking Child Who Ends Up Bringing Poor Results

You can do many things as a parent to make sure your hardworking child brings deserving grades. Besides these, you can try various things that you think would work better. But, first, do not forget to try these and see how effectively they work.

Here are some things you should try.

  1. Make It Interesting

Nowadays, due to grades being nothing more than a competition, students have lost interest. Moreover, many children now get bored due to studying the same thing in the same manner repeatedly.

Therefore, why don't you try to make it interesting for your child? Use various techniques to make them learn their syllabus.

Flashcards, notes, and quizzes are just a few things you can try. It is better than having a book in front of your child and asking them to study.

Learning should be fun, but nowadays, it is getting boring for children, so they lose interest right before their exams. In addition, there are many fun learning activities you can find and try with your children.

Not only will you get a chance to spend time with time but also ensure that they are prepared for their exams.

  1. Never Tell Them What Grade You Are Expecting

As a parent, it is okay to expect things from your child, especially about grades. However, do not ever tell them the grades you are expecting. Instead, make them feel like it is okay what grade they bring.

Sometimes when parents repeatedly ask their child to bring a certain grade, it creates a layer of pressure on their minds. With all the pressure around, they tend to make exam mistakes.

If you know your child is hardworking, let him do things his way. Just make sure to know what they are up to and trust them. Make them feel like they are studying for themselves, not others or you.

Yes, saying what you are expecting can be a problem sometimes. It all depends on the situation. If the child thinks he will get a B grade and you ask them to bring an A or A+, then it worsens things.

This is where all the pressure starts building up. It would be better to ask what grade they are expecting. And only motivate them to do their best.

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  1. Highlight Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Yes, strengths are also on this list. Unfortunately, many parents focus on their children's weaknesses and completely neglect their strengths.

It is vital to note the weaknesses, so they can work on them and improve themselves. However, having the strengths helps your child feel better and see that they are not wrong in every way.

They excel in some things, and this will motivate them to work better in every field. With this, gradually, their weaknesses will start turning into their strengths.

However, this process requires a lot of your time, and there are many things you need to tell your child about during this. In addition, never forget to repeatedly tell them their strengths.

Do not be a parent here; try to have a persuasive tone and motivate them as much as possible. Be their mentor so they know you are not only there to scold them.

  1. Create A Positive Environment

This matters a lot when it comes to studying at home. Unfortunately, many parents forget this and do some things which can mentally affect a child before their exams.

Your child may work hard the entire semester, but the environment at home during exams may not help him focus. In addition, sometimes it may be difficult for the parents to notice the environment their child is trying to study in.

There is not a lot to do but make sure there is no negative energy in the house that can distract the child. Instead, provide them with a peaceful and quiet environment. Here are 8 reasons why a good study area is important for your child.

Try not to have any guests or friends over when the exams are near or are happening. In addition, try not to have an argument or fight with your partner.

If something is to be discussed, try to do it behind closed doors, leaving the child out of it. Even the smallest things can have a significant impact on the mind of your child.

  1. Too Much On Their Plate?

Your child may be working hard and focusing on his extra-curricular activities. However, it is good for a child to have activities other than studying as it helps develop their mind and body.

But sometimes extra activities can make it tiring for the child. In addition, if there are tuition classes that they must attend every day, their schedule can be busier.

Undoubtedly, tuition will help them study better and ensure they are ready for exams. However, sometimes all it lacks is the organization of its schedule.

The more things your child will have to do in a day, the more hectic it will get for them to follow it. Therefore, it would be better to organize everything perfectly.

But do not completely cut off their playing time during exams. Yes, it would be better to reduce it so they do not get distracted and waste most of their time.

A break time is something we all need to have a breath of fresh air to freshen up our minds and body. Your hardworking child also deserves that.

  1. Do Have A Conversation With Your Child’s School Teacher

It is better to take this problem seriously and do everything you can to find why it is happening. Your child is a hardworking one and does a lot to achieve grades. But somehow could not achieve the grades that he deserves.

That is understandable if your child does not take his studies seriously and gets average grades. But it is time to know why when he works hard and gets average grades.

Your child may not be open to you regarding what has happened in school. Therefore, having a conversation regarding this problem with your child’s teacher is particularly important.

Not only will you get to know the root of the problem, but the chances of finding a solution will increase. With the teacher, you can create a plan that you work on your child and help him bring deserving grades.

In addition, with the teachers' help, it would be better to see if your game plan is effective or not.

  1. Do Not Punish Your Child

If you know your child is hardworking and still gets poor results, punishing them is not an option. Do not even think of punishing them, as it can demotivate them from studying how they are doing it.

Some parents think punishing and grounding their children will make them study more. However, if your child is studying at their maximum level, the punishment will not work.

This is when you need to show your child some love and make them feel like grades do not define them. As a parent, you need to control your behavior and ensure you do not do anything that can affect your child mentally.

In addition, punishment does not help you find the problem or any solution that can help you and your child. Instead, it only burdens your child with additional pressure.

Treat your child with love and care, and finding a solution will get easier.

  1. Let Your Child Tell You The Problem He Is Facing

This is one lengthy but effective method. Unfortunately, many children are not open to their parents and barely tell them any problems they face.

Therefore, sometimes parents must identify the problem themselves as the child is not telling them. But as a parent, you should try talking to your child and make them want to tell you all their problems.

Create a comfortable and loving environment around them. Make them feel like nothing bad will happen if they tell them what has been happening.

Sometimes children think they may be punished, so they refrain from opening up. It may not be possible that your child will tell you everything on the first attempt.

However, gradually and with time, things will improve the more comfortable they feel. Make sure not to react irrationally once they tell you what is causing them to get poor results after working hard.

Final Words

Getting poor results after working hard is a big problem. However, this issue is caused by external factors that may be difficult to notice sometimes.

Make sure to understand the problem in its depth and work on it. Do not forget to make it all about your child; the better grades they bring, the more motivated they will get.  

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