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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day in Singapore

Similar to Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s Days, Children’s Day is celebrated in the honor of Children.

Despite every country’s different date to commemorate this day, there is one specific day that has been dedicated to children, globally. The World Children’s Day is officially celebrated on the 20th November, as proclaimed by Geneva.


Why Celebrate Children’s Day?

Essentially, this day is dedicated to all the children that bring joy into our lives. It is widely celebrated to allow the children to feel the freedom they have in the world. It is deemed significant for every being to know of their worth and importance. With children’s day celebrations, children can have a day to look forward to where they can genuinely enjoy themselves.

Additionally, children’s day is also to focus on the rights of children. This includes their health and safety, their educational rights, and their futures.

This day enforces the people of society to celebrate children – for at the end of the day, they are our future after all.


Children’s Day in Singapore

In accordance with its own people, Singapore also celebrates its national Children’s Day on a date of its choice – 1st October. The country declared this day in the early months of the year 1961. More popularly, children’s day in Singapore is known as Loka Lama Dinaya.

This day is celebrated across the country by distributing gifts to the children, donating to orphanages, and holding festive ceremonies.

Being an all-kids day, this day is full of excitement and fun. It is a chance for the children to do as they please throughout the day, without having to worry about school, homework, or even following rules.


8 Fun Activities to Celebrate Children’s Day

Since the pandemic had made it difficult to celebrate instances of joy, children’s day marks a great opportunity to make up for the rest of the year and let the children enjoy to their fullest. Keeping the epidemic in mind, we have listed down eight fun activities to enjoy with your children – all while remaining safe and adhering to the health precautions.


  1. Smart Nation

This is a government funded enterprise that deals with the latest technology. Despite it being related to advanced technologies, they hold competitions and workshops for children to learn and discover new things.

Check out the list of activities here.

Consequently, even if your children are introverted or perhaps, study lovers, this will help them become more involved in activity-based learning.

Not only this, but the Smart Nation staff has also introduced online web seminars in order to provide services to people who may not be able to attend the workshop physically due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


  1. Jurong Bird Park

A distinguished fact about children is their love for the wildlife. Be it animals, birds, fish, or reptiles of any sorts.

Jurong Bird Park promises its visitors an exciting experience with their variety of 600 species of birds from around the world!

The one-on-one personal experience of the people where they can feed the exotic birds themselves is the top-most attraction for children. This doesn’t end here, but the gift shops of this park also sell books on the species of birds that are showcased across the park. This helps children develop a deeper interest in reading about how each type of bird is important to the eco-system. Additionally, their Standard Operational Procedures to reduce the chances of COVID-19 has also appeased the people greatly.


  1. Gallop Stable

Horseback riding is undoubtedly one of the most admired outdoor sports. As mentioned previously, the love children hold for animals is limitless. Taking them to see horses and learn to ride them is no less than a dream come true for the little devils!

Not only does this spark joy within them, but they also learn to appreciate the outdoor activities more. Once they have gotten a whiff of how fun horseback riding can be, they might want to opt for this sport on a daily basis which guarantees their better physical health in the future.

Additionally, this helps children strengthen their love towards animals and outdoor activities and games.

Visit the Gallop Stable's website here.


  1. Amazonia

Apart from educationally fun activities, one of the other aspects of celebrating Children’s Day in Singapore is its indoor playing areas – for instance Amazonia.

This arena is prominent amongst the indoor play places due to the way it commemorates the Children’s Day festivities. They organize treasure hunts, games, competitions and sometimes even plays for the children to participate in. Magic shows and face paintings are also a prominent facet of this indoor park.

The themed fun fair has also been known to issue a proper schedule beforehand which is commendable as it refrains the people from being confused. Additionally, all the events can be covered by the kids as well through following the timetable, increasing the fun and excitement for them.

Due to the Corona virus spread, they have divided their activities into different groups to avoid being over-crowded.


  1. Ola Beach Club

A Hawaiian themed beach restaurant sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your children and their wellbeing. The café offers exciting water activities that the entire family can participate in. The cartoon inflatables and the boat ride experiences can make your trip with the children as exciting and memorable as it can be.

The café kitchen itself doesn’t only master in kids’ menu, but it also serves the adults with the best tasting food. With both alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks the café makes the customers certain to return and have a taste of the same place again.

Amidst the pandemic, the staff has made sure to follow all the cautions necessary to avoid health issues, hence making it safe for people.

Ola Beach Club's information can be found here.


  1. Universal Studios

What is a better way to enjoy life with your children than taking them to see their favorite cartoon movie characters?

Everyone grows up with a movie character they fall in love with, someone they can relate to, and sometimes even look up to. There’s a seventy percent chance that your child would do almost anything to meet the character of their dreams, or the character they dream to be.

What we are telling you now is that you can make your son’s dream to meet with their favorite super hero, or your daughter’s fantasy to meet her favorite princess, all by just taking them to visit the Universal Studios theme park in Sentosa – the ultimate Children’s Day experience.

The tickets for this adventure can be bought online, thus minimizing the chances of any contamination while standing in long, never ending queues.


  1. Botanic Gardens

As much as it is important for children to have fun and forget about the everyday education for a while, it is significant for them to be enlightened about the nature, its importance and how to protect it.

This can be done through a joyous way by taking them to the Botanic Gardens. One can plan a family picnic here along with helping their children understand about how absolutely stunning the nature can be. The aesthetics of this place are beyond pleasing to the human eye. The fountains, lakes and perfectly decorated lawns are truly a sight to behold.

The scents of the flowers mixed within the air may help children appreciate the ways of nature. Though this may not sound like the perfect Children’s Day activity, parents would certainly be surprised to see how the children will be enticed by the scenery and the idea of plants. This just might come in handy with reference to global warming, as they will be more inclined to plant trees and flowers or look after the ones already present.

The children can easily run around while the parents supervise them. The addition of the turtles is also a fun inciting experience for the children.


  1. Slappy Cakes

Children are notorious for creating a mess in the kitchen. But they are also known to be highly creative and loving cooking. On the occasion of Children’s Day, why not take them to a place where they can mess around and have fun with their own breakfast?

At Slappy Cakes, the tables have fitted grills for you and your children to experiment with your own food. They provide you with everything necessary to cook the perfect breakfast - be it peanut butter, Nutella, pancake batter, nuts and much more. The wide variety of breakfast buffets you could come up with is very appealing to the customers.

The feature of cooking your food yourself helps greatly with the people who are hesitant in eating out due to the virus. Cleanliness is always maintained, and the self-service helps in the mental satisfaction of customers.


The Final Word

In conclusion, we can say these are only a few ways you can celebrate the joy your children bring to your life. It is important to let them know that you love and appreciate them, especially on the day that is dedicated to them.

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