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8 Best Dance Studios In Singapore

Dance is an integral part of Singapore's vibrant arts scene. From classical ballet to hip hop, jazz to Bollywood, there are studios across the island that cater to all styles and levels. Choosing the right dance studio is key to getting quality instruction and developing as a dancer.

This article explores the top dance studios in Singapore for those looking to advance their skills or try dance for the first time. We'll cover the pros and cons of each studio along with tips for selecting the best fit. Read on to discover Singapore's premier dance training centers!


Dance Scene in Singapore

Singapore has a thriving arts and culture landscape and Dancing is a very important part of it. Dancing is one of the greatest extracurricular activities for students in Singapore that can help students in a number of different ways. Read more here to know why extracurricular activities are important for students.

Though small, Singapore boasts a diverse dance community representing styles ranging from classical genres to contemporary and commercial forms. Students can receive training in Asian traditional dances, ballet, jazz, hip hop, salsa and more.

Major dance performances in Singapore take place at premiere venues like the Esplanade, SOTA, and Aliwal Arts Centre. Local professional dance companies like Singapore Dance Theatre bring acclaimed productions to the stage throughout the year.

International dance stars and troupes also include Singapore on their touring schedules. For amateur dancers, there are plenty of opportunities to perform at recitals, community events, arts festivals, and student showcases across the island.

Support for dance comes from both governmental and private sources. The National Arts Council provides funding for major productions, scholarships for talented dancers, and programming initiatives to boost dance education and viewership. Private dance schools and studios offer a range of classes for recreational hobbyists and pre-professional training for serious dancers. Whether you are a newbie taking your first dance class or a professional dancer honing your craft, the Singapore dance landscape provides ample resources.

The diversity and infrastructure of Singapore's dance scene rivals other major global cities. As dance continues to grow in popularity and prominence locally, Singapore further solidifies its reputation as a premier international arts hub. The dance studios mentioned in this article represent the best places to learn and experience the excitement of dance in Singapore.


8 Top Dance Studios In Singapore

Here are 8 of the top dance studios in Singapore.

En Motion Dance

Located in Cineleisure, En Motion Dance offers contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, musical theatre and pole dancing classes but their main focus is on street Latin. Their instructors are professional dancers and choreographers dedicated to nurturing students of all levels. The studio has large mirrors, ballet barres, sprung floors and high ceilings ideal for training. Students have opportunities to perform in recitals and compete in regional competitions. En Motion provides a welcoming community with a diversity of dance styles under one roof.

Singapore Ballet Academy

The prestigious Singapore Ballet Academy has produced many professional ballet dancers who now perform with companies worldwide. Their holistic curriculum covers classical ballet technique, pointe work, pas de deux, repertoire, character dance, pilates and drama. Training is based on the distinguished Vaganova method, providing a foundation in precision and artistry. The Academy's excellent faculty studied at top schools like the Vaganova Ballet Academy and Bolshoi Ballet. Located in Leisure Park Kallang, the light-filled studios have sprung floors, mirrors and barres for optimal training.

Milan Pole Dance Studio

At Milan Pole Dance Studio in Chinatown Complex, students can learn sensual dance and acrobatic pole skills. Their range of classes cover beginner to advanced levels in pole dancing, exotic dance, heels and chair dance. No prior experience is necessary to start. Milan's dancers regularly perform live and compete, developing strength, confidence and self-expression. The boutique studio provides an empowering environment for students to explore their sensuality. One of the best things about Milan Pole Dance Studio is that it also offers online classes.


Specializing in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap, ZiggyFeet offers recreational and graded dance assessments for all ages and levels. Located in Marina Square at Raffles Boulevard, ZiggyFeet's faculty have performed internationally and are committed to nurturing versatile technical dancers. Beyond dance classes and assessments, students can participate in competitions and annual performances at venues across Singapore.

SLAP Dance Studio

SLAP stands for Singapore Lap Aerial Pole. This dance studio is located at 144 Robinson Road. The studio also offers online services. Faculty at this dance studio are professional dancers who primarily provide training in sensual dance forms like pole dance, lap dance and others. SLAP Dance Studio is known for a tight-knit, supportive environment that welcomes recreational students. They frequently host social dances and provide opportunities to perform around Singapore.


Swing dance enthusiasts flock to SwingStation at the Aliwal Arts Centre. The studio holds drop-in classes and private lessons focused on Lindy hop, Balboa, blues, Charleston and other jazz-era partner dances. Weekly social dances allow you to show off your new moves. SwingStation's fun, energetic vibe creates a welcoming community united by a love for swing. No partner or experience required.

Dance Factory

This expansive studio in Kallang Way has been training Singapore's best dancers for many years. Offering classes for kids, teens and adults, Dance Factory's curriculum includes several dances including contemporary, hip hop, Broadway jazz, and lyrical but the dance type that they are known for the most is K-Pop Dance. The professional faculty have earned top accolades on the competition circuit. Beyond classes, Dance Factory prepares students for performances, exams, and competitions. The state-of-the-art facilities include large studios, a lounge, and much more

Tanglin Arts Studio

Located conveniently at the Hollandse Club, Tanglin Arts Studio offers a supportive and nurturing approach to dance education. Their curriculum covers diverse styles including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and more. Classes are available for students of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced. The light-filled studios have mirror walls, ballet barres and Harlequin sprung floors. Beyond technique, Tanglin Arts Studio focuses on developing artistry, confidence and a love of dance in their students. The experienced faculty provide thoughtful coaching tailored to each dancer's strengths and areas for improvement.


Choosing the Right Dance Studio

With the wealth of dance studios available in Singapore, it's important to thoroughly research your options and visit prospective schools to find the best fit based on your goals, needs and preferences. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a dance studio:


Look for a studio close to where you live or work to make attending classes convenient and save time commuting. Proximity to public transportation like MRT stations and bus stops is ideal, especially if you don't drive. Try searching studios within a 10–15-minute radius if possible. Parking availability and cost should also be considered if driving. Those farther away may be worth the trek if the instruction is superior.

Dance Styles

Some studios offer diverse dance genres while others specialize in one style like ballet, contemporary, hip hop, etc. List the styles you wish to study and see which studios have robust curriculums for those forms. Look for beginner levels to start then intermediate and advanced for progression. Variety is great but a specialty studio may provide more in-depth training if focusing on a singular style.


Research the background of the owners, artistic directors and teachers. Where did they train and dance professionally? How long have they been teaching? Have any famous dancers come out of the studio? Read reviews to assess teaching quality, professionalism and results. Observe classes to see engaged and inspired students. A studio's reputation is built on their faculty and successful students.


Proper dance facilities are essential. Look for studios with professional sprung floors, barres, high ceilings, mirrors, sound systems and ideally air conditioning. Ballet needs barres and Harlequin Marley floors. Tap requires wood floors. Hip hop and contemporary do well on sprung surfaces. The size of studios matters too in preventing overcrowding. Changing rooms, lounges, parking and accessibility are other considerations.

Student Progress

A strong studio will provide performance opportunities, recitals, competitions, and exams or certifications. This pushes students to excel and showcase their developing skills. Ask about their showcases, troupe, exams, auditions and partnerships with venues and events. Progress is demonstrated through achievements.


Observe the vibe during classes and interactions at the studio. Look for encouraging, passionate, warm teachers who connect with students. Fellow students should support rather than compete with each other. A positive environment makes dance enjoyable and fulfilling. Take trial classes to truly experience the ambiance.


Compare monthly class and registration fees across a few studios. Packages often provide deals for multiple classes. Ask about discounts for siblings, students, etc. But remember, cheaper does not mean better – invest for quality instruction and facilities. Pricier rates could reflect higher caliber training. Find value for money.

Visiting the studios remains the best way to gauge compatibility. Take trial classes with different teachers, chat with the director, watch classes, talk to students and get a feel for the culture. Let your gut guide you to the ideal studio match.

With these tips, you can thoroughly evaluate prospective studios in Singapore and confidently select the dance school that best fits your objectives and style as an aspiring dancer. Take time to research and visit before committing to find the perfect fit.


Which Dance Genre is Suitable for Beginners?

For those new to dance, certain genres tend to be more accessible than others. When starting out, it's best to avoid styles that require extensive technique, flexibility, and skill built over years. Recommended beginner dance styles include:


Upbeat jazz includes foundational techniques but allows for free expression. Classes progress quickly from basics to full routines.

Hip Hop

Hip hop focuses on learning choreography and feeling the grooves of popular music. Classes are energetic with a fun atmosphere.


The blend of ballet and modern in contemporary provides an explorative, fluid style. No prior training is necessary.


Learning partner dances like salsa, tango, swing, foxtrot promotes coordination. Group classes have a social aspect too.

Dance Fitness

Aerobic dance workshops are aimed at fun while improving strength and stamina. No skill needed and designed for all levels.


The high-energy Bollywood style develops rhythm and expression. No background in Indian dance required to start.

It is recommended for beginners to avoid ballet, which requires precision technique and years of training to advance. But with the right genre and studio, even a dance like ballet becomes highly accessible even for complete novices. One can always progress to advanced styles after developing a talent for and love of dance.


Benefits of Dance Training

In addition to being enjoyable, dance training provides immense physical, mental, and social benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to enroll in classes at a studio like the exceptional ones detailed above:

Physical Benefits

  • Improved strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and motor control
  • Increased aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health
  • Greater awareness and coordination
  • Help maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing body fat
  • Injury prevention through developed core stability and proper alignment

Mental and Emotional Benefits

  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Boosted mood through release of endorphins
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunities for creative self-expression and artistry
  • Enhanced mindfulness and focus
  • Sense of achievement as skills progress

Social Benefits

  • Development of lasting friendships with peers who share a passion for dance
  • Meeting dance mentors who provide inspiration and guidance
  • Gaining confidence socially through performances on stage
  • Learning teamwork, communication and collaboration skills
  • Exposure to dance culture and community events

From fitness goals to personal growth to sheer enjoyment, dance training has so much to offer at any age or level. By selecting the right studio, you'll be on your way to realizing these multifaceted benefits.


Final Words

Dance is a thriving art form in Singapore, with exceptional studios across diverse genres. For aspiring dancers, factors like location, class schedule, and instructor expertise should guide the search for the ideal studio match. Beginners can start with accessible styles like hip hop and dance fitness before progressing. Beyond developing skills, the right studio provides a supportive community and avenues for creativity, wellbeing and friendship. With this overview of top dance hubs in Singapore, you can now confidently embark on your exciting dance journey.

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