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6 Places To Take An IQ Test In Singapore

Everyone is unique, with different cognitive abilities, intelligence, motor skills, physical abilities, and more. A good way to know whether your child will excel in a certain subject or not is to help them take an IQ test. These tests measure the child's intelligence and provide insight into their ability to understand complicated matters.

There are many free IQ tests available over the internet. However, if you want a better idea with psychologically-approved testing, then you need to find the right places where your child can take an IQ test. Here is everything you need to know about these places.


Reasons To Take An IQ Test In Singapore

You might wonder why your child should take an IQ test in Singapore. Well, there are many reasons to do that. Here are some you can consider:

Learn Where Your Child Excels

The primary aim behind taking an IQ test can be to see the areas where your child excels. Each child has unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. Assessing the needs of your child will help you determine what they are good at.

This information will come in handy when you are helping your child take certain subjects during their academic life. So, if you want to know this information, you can opt for an IQ test.

Identify Any Intellectual Disability Early On

If your family has a history of intellectual disabilities, then an IQ test will be useful in determining these disabilities in your child from an early age. The sooner you catch this, the sooner you can take measures to help your child. These tests have been designed to help you diagnose these things early.

So, you can take the IQ test as a preventative measure so that you can plan the measures you want to take to help your child. Early diagnosis is the key to providing your child with a thriving learning environment.

Assess If Your Child Is Gifted

While the tests can detect disabilities, they can also let you know whether your child is gifted. For example, the IQ test can determine if your child has an intelligence that is above average. If that is the case, then your child can take classes of higher levels, regardless of their age.

So, if you think that your child is highly intelligent, you can confirm this knowledge with an intelligence test. Then, once you have the relevant information, you can decide what you want to do about it.

Assess Strengths And Weaknesses

All of us have unique strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. Even your child may be strong in some subjects and weaker in others. When you learn about their strengths and weaknesses, you can take relevant steps to help them learn better.

Besides that, it will also help you understand whether you need to modify their learning needs or syllabus in any way. So, this is another reason to take an IQ test and then help your child accordingly.


What To Expect When You Book An IQ Test

Many parents have reservations when taking their children to a psychologist for assessment. Because of this, it is important to know what you can expect when you get to their office. It will help you understand the process better so that you and your child are comfortable:

1. Appointment

The first thing you have to do is make an appointment for a test. The place you choose will provide you with a time that you can come in for the first session. During this session, an evaluation will take place to help assess the results from the IQ test even better.

A professional will take information such as:

  • Background information
  • Medical issues
  • Academic ability
  • Developmental history
  • Any issues
  • The kind of environment the child lives in
  • And much more

This information will have to be provided by the parents in as much detail as possible. In addition, you need to paint a correct picture of the child so that the professionals can interpret the results accurately and help if needed. So, ensure you are ready to answer all these questions during the initial appointment.

2. Time For The Test

Once all the information has been gathered, it will be time for the professionals to test your child. Keep in mind that this can happen in one or two sessions, depending on the ability of your child and their willingness to be tested. Some children can also become distracted, and this can hinder the testing process.

Sometimes, it can even take three sessions, but you should prepare for one or two sessions. The professionals will let you know how the test will happen so you are well informed about everything that will take place.

3. Scoring And Interpretation

Any test is meaningless without interpretation. This is where all the information you provided in the initial appointment will come in handy. The professionals will score the test and then interpret it based on the standardized results.

Keep in mind that the scores of the test will help compare your child to peers that are the same age as them. Scores have to be interpreted against the norms to see where your child stands in relation to their peers. This also helps the parents understand the developmental milestones of the child.

4. Report

Once the scores have been interpreted, the professionals will create a detailed report to help you understand the intelligence of your child. Everything from the meaning of the test scores to the behavior of your child during the session will be written in the report. Besides that, the professionals will also provide recommendations on what you can do.

The report is a record that will help your child in the future. It will also be a reference for you to provide the best education and learning environment to your child.

5. Feedback

Finally, there will be a feedback session that will include you and your child and the teachers if necessary. During this, the outcome of the testing session will be revealed to you, along with recommendations for the school and parent. Keep in mind that this will only be necessary if your child is gifted or there is a possibility of a disability.

Once you have the relevant feedback, you can decide what you want to do with that information. Testing and feedback are done to help your child in the best way possible. You can also ask questions to boost your clarity in regard to your child.


6 Places To Take An IQ Test In Singapore

Now that you have some information about what you can expect, you might be leaning towards your child taking an IQ test. Well, here are all the places you can go to take an IQ test in Singapore:

1. Psych Connect



Contact Details

+65 6493 0244


10 Winstedt Rd #03-13 Singapore 227977

If you want to holistically understand your child’s intelligence and cognitive strengths and weaknesses, then you can opt for Psych Connect. They have registered psychologists who have been trained to take these tests and then interpret them in the correct manner. Their team is filled with child and educational psychologists to help your child in the long run.

There are many tests that Psych Connect can administer. These include:

  • WISC-V
  • SAS
  • Stanford Binet
  • And more

All of these tests have international recognition, which is why this is a great place to start. Once you visit, their team will let you know which test will be suitable for your child.

2. Annabelle Psychology



Contact Details

+65 8202 3385


Windstedt Road

Irrawaddy Road

Thomson Road

Annabelle Psychology provides extensive psychometric and IQ testing for your child. They have tests that include:

  • Developmental assessments
  • Tests for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Tests for developmental sub-domains
  • Tests for ADHD
  • Tests for adaptive behaviors and skills
  • Wechsler scales and IQ tests
  • Personality assessments
  • And much more

Whatever you need, they will provide you with a test to meet those needs in no time. The center is known for providing a compassionate place that can help your child remain comfortable while testing. It is also run by women, which is why you will find the environment nurturing.

So, if you want to opt for any of these assessments, you can book an appointment with Annabelle Psychology. It will not disappoint you.

3. Rogerian Psychology Centre



Contact Details

+65 8628 4685


77 High Street, #05-09 High Street Plaza, Singapore 179433

Rogerian Psychology Centre provides psychological testing for children and adults in the country. The reports have been certified and recognized by MOE, which is why you can count on the IQ test and its results. All the testing is done in a confidential to ensure the comfort of parents and children.

You can contact them to learn more and schedule a test. You can easily contact them on WhatsApp and receive a response in no time. They will let you know about everything from the duration to the cost.

4. Thomson Kids



Contact Details



#02-08 United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore

Thomson Kids offers specialized learning and counseling while also providing intelligence assessment. Their trained team of psychologists uses the Wechsler tests of intelligence that contain various tests and subtests to measure cognitive skills. They know how to create a comfortable environment for your child to take the test without any issues.

So, if you want your child to take one of the Wechsler tests of intelligence, then make sure that you opt for Thomson Kids. You can connect with them through the email or the website for more information.

5. Bloom Child Psychology 



Contact Details



317 Outram Road #02-56 Concorde Shopping Centre Singapore

Bloom Child Psychology is a child and educational psychology practice that offers IQ testing, consultation, diagnosis, intervention, and much more. They offer various psychological and educational assessments in their assessment room, which has been designed to be free of distractions and filled with comfort. However, if you need an online assessment, then they will also offer this option.

Besides that, they also customize the assessment battery for each child after the first consultation. Keep in mind that they will conduct the test within two to three sessions, and each session will last two hours with the child. They focus on gathering the perspectives and views of the child for a better understanding of their intelligence and cognitive abilities.

6. The Gifted Lab



Contact Details



7 One-North Gateway, #01-16, S138642

The Gifted Lab is a specialist practice in Singapore that focuses on giftedness. You can take your child for their IQ or cognitive assessment if you think they are gifted in any way, or even just to gauge their intelligence. The center offers two types of IQ tests, that include WISC and Stanford Binet V.

Besides that, the assessment fee will also start from 800 SGD and above, which is why it is best to get in touch with the center and understand the pricing. They also offer various educational services that you can look into. So, if this sounds like the place for you and your child, then make sure that you opt for their IQ assessment and trained psychologists for a comprehensive report.


Final Thoughts

These are the top six places in Singapore where you can take an IQ test. You will find many IQ tests on the internet, but they are not accurate and don’t reflect your child’s abilities. Psychological tests have been designed to get a complete perspective on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

So, go through each place and then select one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Once you do, your child will be comfortable taking the test in a nurturing environment that will only help them. It will also help you understand what your child needs during their learning and education process.

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