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5 Best Productivity Tools For Students

The efforts of teachers and parents play an important role in the academic success of the kids. However, these days, the competition is very tough, even for students. Sometimes the efforts of teachers and parents aren't enough to help the students reach their full potential. This is why it is important to take the support of productivity tools.

These productivity tools help children become more efficient in their studies and also in their day-to-day life.


Google Calendar

In this tech-savvy world, mobile phone has become a necessity for everyone. It is not just a device for communication anymore. Rather, people can use it to perform many different tasks. Students can use it to improve their academic progress. One tool that can be found in almost all new mobile phones is the Google Calendar. Google Calendar may be one of the least used apps on any person's mobile phone; however it can do wonders for students. Students can use Google Calendar to keep their tasks organized and to remember all important days in their academic session.

Features Of Google Calendar

  • Easy scheduling and organization of daily activities
  • Customizable reminders for deadlines and assignments
  • Creation of multiple calendars for different aspects of student life
  • Sharing and collaboration with peers, group members, or family
  • Integration with other Google tools like Docs for easy access to assignments
  • Mobile app accessibility for on-the-go scheduling and notifications

Pros and Cons of Google Calendar



Easy scheduling and organization

Requires internet access

Customizable reminders

Limited offline functionality

Multiple calendars for organization

Privacy concerns with sharing calendars

Seamless integration with other tools


Mobile app accessibility


Collaborative features for group work




There are some students who like to write everything perfectly in one go, and then there are those who prefer to write fast and prefer to put their ideas on the computer as quickly as possible. They do so to preserve their ideas, and it can be great for some students who might be prone to forgetting their ideas if they take a lot of time to write. These students usually don't worry about the spelling or grammatical errors during the writing process.

However, this does not mean that other students can take the help of Grammarly to improve their content. In fact, Grammarly can be of great support to all students, even those who like to write everything perfectly in one go. For such students, Grammarly can act as a great proofreading tool which can also improve their writing.

Grammarly can be an invaluable tool for students looking to enhance their productivity. By incorporating Grammarly into their writing process, students can streamline their work and improve the overall quality of their assignments. First and foremost, Grammarly's automated grammar and spell-check feature ensures that student's written work is error-free. It highlights and corrects spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and punctuation issues, saving students precious time that would otherwise be spent on proofreading. Additionally, Grammarly offers suggestions for sentence structure improvements, helping students enhance the clarity and coherence of their writing.

It is better to have the premium version; however, the free version also offers a good amount of features.

Features Of Grammarly

  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Writing style suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Tone and clarity adjustments
  • Multiple platform support

Pros and Cons of Grammarly



Comprehensive writing assistance

Some advanced features require premium subscription

Improved writing style

Internet connection dependency

Valuable tone and clarity suggestions

Potential limitations in understanding context-specific language

Plagiarism detection feature

Occasional wrong suggestions

Available on multiple platforms


Different languages available




Quizlet is a top productivity tool for students, offering interactive flashcards and study sets for efficient memorization and review. It provides multiple learning modes, facilitates collaboration, and has a user-friendly mobile app. With gamified features, pre-made study sets, and progress tracking, Quizlet enhances learning and retention. Integration with tools like Google Classroom further streamlines the student's workflow. Overall, Quizlet is an invaluable resource for students looking to excel academically and optimize their study experience.

Quizlet enables students to collaborate with their peers by creating shared study sets, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging active learning. This collaborative feature allows for the exchange of ideas, explanations, and additional resources, leading to a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Furthermore, Quizlet's mobile app ensures that students can access their study materials anytime and anywhere, transforming short pockets of time into valuable learning opportunities.

Features Of Quizlet

  • Interactive flashcards and study sets
  • Multiple learning modes
  • Collaboration features
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Game Like features
  • Integration with other tools

Pros and Cons Of Quizlet



Wide range of study material

Reliance on user-generated content

Progress tracking

Limited control over accuracy of study materials

Fun to use for students

Potential distractions in user-generated content

Accessibility and convenience

Inconsistent quality of pre-made study sets

Diverse learning Methods

Overwhelming amount of study materials available


Lack of real-time feedback on progress



Many students read books to highlight important points when learning for an exam or a test. However, it is difficult to review each point when the test is near due to a lack of time or motivation. It may also be difficult to find all the things you have highlighted in a thick book.

That is where Readwise will come to your rescue. The platform allows you to read your online notes, e-books, and much more. You can highlight points on your device using the digital option. The best thing is that the platform creates a separate category for your highlighted points.

This means you will not have to look for hours when searching for a thing you have read in the past. You can also connect Readwise with other platforms, such as Notion and Evernote, to sync your online notes and books.

Spaced repetition is another technique that this software uses to improve your academic performance. After all, you must review your learning material more than once to remember it better.

Features Of Readwise


  • It sends your highlights as notifications from time to time to help you review them quickly
  • You can add tags and annotations to your highlights
  • Available on desktop, iOS, and Android devices
  • Simple interface


Pros And Cons Of Readwise




The platform does not support all reading apps

Allows you to customize your highlighted points

Requires you to get a subscription after the free trial

You can get started for free

It is mainly for students who read digital coursebooks

It can be used with Kindle, Evernote, Notion, and more


It allows you to share your highlighted material




WriteMonkey is an excellent productivity tool for students who have a hard time completing their writing assignments. You may have been tasked with writing a research paper or an essay for you O Level English classes. Whatever the case, WriteMonkey will help you get done with your task in no time.

The program will stop you from getting distracted by other things on your devices because it mainly works in full-screen mode.

This means you will have to exit the app if you want to watch a series while doing your work. So the platform encourages you to be focused solely on your assignment.

You can also benefit from features such as an extensive thesaurus and Pomodoro timer for tracking your breaks or writing progress. Customizing options are also available to adjust font, colors, and other aspects of the text.

It is also easy to scale the text to ensure it is not too small or too large. This will save you from straining your eyes when reading the assignment as you go.

Features Of WriteMonkey

  • Quick search and automatic indent for ease of use
  • It is compatible with UTF-8
  • Highlighting option allows you to emphasize key points
  • Set a limit to your daily writing time
  • You can insert a bookmark string on an important page

Pros And Cons Of WriteMonkey



It saves you from being exhausted due to excess writing by adding time limits

Some features, such as the thesaurus, are exclusively for donors

The program is free for all

It is mainly for completing writing tasks

Checks your document for spelling mistakes

The platform cannot be installed on mobile and tablets

Integrates with Firefox


Intuitive progress bar



Other Tools That Might Be Useful In Improving A Student's Productivity

Here are some other tools that can improve your productivity:

  • Evernote
  • Todoist
  • Caption.Ed
  • OneNote
  • Notion
  • Trello
  • Google Drive
  • Anki



Do These Productivity Tools Actually Work? Are They Worth It?

Productivity tools for students work excellently to improve a student's grades and studying habits.

Research shows that productivity apps increase a person's efficiency by more than 34%. This is why it is worth it to invest in such an app.

The best thing is that you can also find many free productivity tools that will help you with your learning process. So you do not always have to spend money to enhance your academic performance.

Remember, you should also improve your personal habits when using a productivity tool to enjoy the best results.


Are There Any Non-Tech Productivity Tools That Students Can Use?

Many students are heavily reliant on tech tools for viewing online lectures, taking notes, and reading books and dissertation writing service Singapore. However, you may not be highly tech-savvy, or your requirements may not require you to use online tools. That is why non-tech items will help you the most.

Placing a studying desk in your room can help you study without interruptions. Sitting on a chair and working on a table is also more efficient than studying on a bed. This is because you are less likely to fall asleep or laze around.

Sticky notes are another thing that can help you stay organized while studying. You may write down important points from your book on such a note and stick it in the book or on your wall. This is a better option than highlighting points because you can review the stuff later more easily.

A wall-mounted corkboard can also improve your productivity because you can pin important notes and test papers on it. You can always see the display within a few seconds in your room when you are searching for key information.


How Can Teachers And Parents Encourage The Use Of Such Productivity Tools?

Here are some tips that will help you encourage your child or student to use productivity tools:

Offer Relevant Suggestions

Young students are lazy to search for productivity tools because they prefer to spend that time on social media. This is why giving suggestions to your student or kid may encourage them to try a new tool.

It is good to emphasize the benefits and features of the program when you are giving suggestions. A specific function of the app may encourage the student to try the software.

Give Them A Tutorial

Some students are used to their tech devices and may not find problems in downloading and using a productivity tool. However, others may not be that tech-savvy. You can give a tutorial to your student to help them use the productivity app with ease.

Introducing the app's features and showing how the kid can use them will make it easier for them to navigate the tool. Remember, some students may download an app but delete it if they cannot get used to its tech features.

This is why it is necessary to offer support when encouraging a student to use a new tool.

Use That Tool In Class

This tip is mainly for teachers who want to encourage their students to use a productivity tool. If you write down notes in class or make diagrams using an iPad or other devices, you should use a tool that the student can also benefit from.

For example, the Microsoft OneNote app can help you write important points and draw diagrams. Students can also improve their productivity using this app by taking notes on it.



These are the top five productivity tools that can help a student. Some of them are free, while others have paid options. Remember to understand your needs before using a specific platform. 

Grammarly is an excellent tool for completing your assignments and checking for mistakes. Meanwhile, apps such as Readwise are for enhancing your learning process.

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