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4 Ways a Maid Can Help New Parents in Singapore

Having a child is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, but it can also be challenging and a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. Taking care of an infant requires a lot of time, energy, and commitment. That is why many new parents in Singapore feel physically and mentally exhausted as they try to juggle work responsibilities, household chores, and child care.

If you are currently in this situation, you know full well that having an extra pair of hands can significantly lighten your load and make parenting easier. However, if you don’t have the advantage of having a  network of relatives or friends you can call for support, you may want to  consider hiring a maid in Singapore

Having a live-in domestic helper may take some getting used to, but she can certainly  assist you in many ways. Here are some of the ways how:

More Time to Focus on Other Priorities

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you’ll be able to put a pause to your other responsibilities in life. For one, you still need to focus on your job to advance your career. After all, raising a family in one of the most expensive cities in the world requires financial security. You also need to engage in recreational and self-development activities, in addition to nurturing your relationships with your family, friends, and spouse for you to have a well-balanced life.

That said, how can you do all these things when you barely have time and energy to go to work after taking care of the baby all night?

While it is practically impossible to do well in all aspects of your life while raising an infant, you can do better when you have a reliable live-in maid.

When you hire an experienced and trustworthy domestic helper, you will have more time to concentrate on your other priorities. You can let your maid handle the household chores when you’re at home so you can spend quality time with your little one and get much-needed rest. If you need to go to work or to socialize with other people, your maid can look after your child. Essentially, employing a domestic helper is like buying time for yourself and your spouse.

Peace of Mind

Raising a child is hard, especially at the beginning. You can read all the parenting books available, but nothing will ever prepare you for the real thing. You may feel joy and love one moment and frustration the next as you try your best to manage multiple responsibilities on your plate and get hold of your sense of self. Experiencing mixed emotions is quite normal and is part of the adjustment process of being a new parent. However, prevailing negative thoughts that rob you of peace of mind often stem from an overwhelming workload.

Don’t let parenting burden you to the point that you’ll be sacrificing your mental health. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can employ a live-in maid who can take a significant weight off your shoulders.

With a reliable domestic helper around to help you with house chores and taking care of the baby, you can squeeze valuable “me” time whenever you need it. You can get enough rest, you can relax, and you can do enjoyable activities without the worry and the guilt.

Sufficient Sleep

Although most babies sleep an average of over sixteen hours a day, it doesn’t mean that they will sleep throughout the night. In fact, many infants tend to sleep during daytime and then remain wide awake at night. It’s no wonder sleep deprivation is a common struggle among new parents. If you hardly have time to sleep and you feel exhausted most of the time, hiring a live-in maid can help ease your burden.

Think about it. Instead of dividing night duties with your spouse alone, you will have another person with all the skills and experience to bear the load. Remember that getting sufficient sleep is essential for both you and your baby. When you are well-rested, you’ll be in a better mood and you’ll have more physical and mental energy to care for your little one.

Round-the-Clock Child Care without the Steep Fees

Without family members or friends to help you look after your baby, you are probably exploring different child care options like infant or child care centres and babysitters. If that is the case, you may want to put hiring a live-in maid on top of your list of choices since this option is arguably the most beneficial for your family for many reasons.

For one thing, you can save a lot of money. Child care centres and babysitter fees cost significantly more than a maid’s salary.  For another, a domestic helper can take care of your child round-the-clock because she’ll essentially live in your home. That means you won’t ever have to worry even if you can’t go home early for whatever reason.  More importantly, she can also help you with other chores beyond child care.

Indeed, hiring a maid can help new parents like you manage the demands of family, career, and personal pursuits. You don’t have to sacrifice your physical, mental, and emotional needs when you have a domestic helper to assist you around the house. That means parenting can also become more rewarding, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

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