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4 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary School

CHIJ Katong Convent is a secondary school that opened in 1930. It is an independent all-girls Catholic school, and it is one of the 11 CHIJ (convent of the holy infant Jesus) secondary schools in Singapore. CHIJ Katong Convent is popular for providing its students with a holistic and well-balanced education. Students of this secondary school tend to be high-achievers, and many have grown up and become prominent lawyers, ambassadors, members of parliament, and so on. 

Being a Christian school, CHIJ fully commits to the proclamations of the gospel. The poorest and the weakest members of society are prioritized by the school. Every choice and decision the school makes takes into consideration the viewpoint of the disadvantaged people. 


The aim of the school is to develop the person fully and to allow their uniqueness to shine.

The school is also dedicated to building a better society based on justice and truth, and it is always ready to join forces with others who are motivated by the same beliefs. 

Other than striving for excellence in academic subjects, CHIJ Katong Convent's students also work hard to excel in sports, art and develop their mind and soul to become well-rounded human beings. In 2019 CHIJ Katong Convent's cut-off aggregate score for PSLE was 227. The convent ranked 65th in Singapore thanks to this aggregate score.

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And this is not just a one-time thing. The PSLE aggregate score of the convent students hovered around the same mark for several years. For example, the aggregate score for 2018 was 225, thanks to which the school ranked 60th in Singapore. And in the year 2017, the aggregate score was 224, with the school ranking 63rd in the nation. 

The students who have successfully graduated from Primary 6 can apply for admission to CHIJ Katong Convent through the Direct School Admission [DSA]. Find out the steps to take for you to get into a popular school via DSA.

An ideal candidate would possess special talents and skills in addition to being academically adept. The school welcomes all female students who have special talents and abilities in sports and games, performing arts, languages and humanities, design and media, or visual arts. 


Reasons to get a place in CHIJ Katong Convent

There are many reasons why you might want to enroll your child into the CHIJ Katong Convent. In this article, we will cover four main benefits, so keep reading if you want to find out what they are.

1. CHIJ Katong Convent teaches moral lessons, not just academic subjects. 

Every parent wants to see their child succeed academically, and every parent also understands that it is equally important for their child to be a good person and respectful towards other human beings. These values need to be instilled in children from a young age, not only at home by their parents but also at school by their educators. 

CHIJ secondary school is focused on the moral teachings of Christ, and one of its missions is to promote freedom, love, justice, and truth. Special attention is devoted to disadvantaged people. 

It has been frequently said that children are like sponges, and they absorb whatever they hear and see. Needless to say, being exposed to such caring and justice-driven community will have a positive effect on the child's character. 

2. Up-to-date holistic education. 

As we have already mentioned, CHIJ Katong Convent is committed to providing holistic education to all of its students, which means it is nurturing values and developing skills that will be useful to the graduates in the 21st century. 

The school aims to bring up students to become effective communicators and problem solvers of the future. There are six key aspects that form the basis of this holistic education and aim to create better citizens, not just better scholars. 

Students have CCE (character and citizenship education) lessons, ECG (education and career guidance), SEd (Sexuality education), NE (National education), and they also learn about cyberwellness and, last but not least, how to develop their social skills. 

3. Students are involved in art. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that art and artistic activities play an essential role in providing students with a holistic education. Educators at CHIJ Katong Convent believe that teaching art is important if students are to succeed in the 21st-century. 

Artistic education helps students become more imaginative and generate new ideas; it develops soft skills that are necessary to face the ever-changing world. 

By attending these art lessons, students will learn how to observe the world around them and engage with society in an innovative way. 

The upper secondary art program curriculum consists of visual arts and studio practice. Students will be appraising the artworks created by other artists as well as creating their own.

4. Students can take part in various sporting activities. 

Students who are interested in sports have several options to pick from. They can play badminton, go canoeing, play floorball, netball, ten pin bowling, participate in track and field events, and become members of the sports development club. 

Training sessions take place several times a week and are supervised by qualified teachers. Those students who excel in these sports will have the opportunity to participate in various competitions and win prizes. And, needless to say, being involved in sports helps keep students fit, which is even more important nowadays when a sedentary lifestyle is becoming the norm and a cause of various health problems.


To conclude, the CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary School has a lot to offer to its students. It provides all the necessary things for your child to succeed academically and, in addition to that, the school helps develop your child's character and enables them to become the best version of themselves.

Girls at this school can participate in a variety of sporting and artistic activities to develop their soft skills. And they learn how to strive for justice and show compassion to those who are disadvantaged, which will serve them well when they become adults. 

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