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11 Best Parenting Blogs In Singapore

There isn’t a single parent in the world who can say with absolute certainty that they know everything there is to know about parenting. No matter how experienced you think you are it seems there is always something you could be doing differently. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time parent or you already have five children; you can always find some useful information that will help you succeed in this difficult job. 

With that being said parenting can be especially challenging for those men and women who are tackling it for the first time. First-time parents leave with a constant fear that they are going to either physically or emotionally harm their little ones, or that they will not be able to protect them from the dangers of the world.  

This is why it is always a relief to hear about other parents experiencing the same thing. Not only does it make you feel that you are not alone in this journey but it also helps you exchange valuable information with other parents so that you can raise your little ones as best as possible.  

This is the reason parenting blogs are a godsend for all parents all over the globe. How did we ever live without them?  

These parenting blogs are becoming more and more popular all over the world as more parents turn to them for advice and comfort and Singapore is no exception. There is a wide variety of blogs dedicated to this topic that Singaporean parents can consult.  

In this article, we will discuss the best parenting blogs you should definitely check out if you have (or are expecting) a child.  

1. The Asian Parent

This blog provides a lot of useful information on parenting in general and it is enormously popular not only among Singaporean parents but among all other Asian parents as well.  

The blog contains a wide variety of content that can answer almost any child-related question and it is aimed at mothers, fathers as well as expectant parents.  

If you have just found out that you are pregnant and are looking for a blog that will shed light on every stage of your pregnancy then this is the blog for you.  

In addition, as a new parent, you will get some useful tips on how to better manage your money, what to do when you are traveling with a child, how to stay fit and get your body back into shape after childbirth, and much more.  

The creators of the blog have also released a very useful app that will help you track your pregnancy or your subsequent parenting journey.  

The blog truly provides comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of parenting, but if it so happens that you have a question you were not able to answer by reading the blog then you can contact The Asian Parent through their Facebook or YouTube accounts.   

2. The New Age Parents

This is another vastly popular blog among Singaporean parents; it contains information about a great variety of topics connected to parenting. However, what differentiates it from the competition is the fact that some topics it touches upon are consider to be uncomfortable or even taboo and are rarely discussed (even online).  

For example, the blog delves deep into how to better raise a disabled child or how to be a better single parent. In addition to this extremely useful information, you can also take part in fun contests and parenting workshops.  

And of course, you can follow The New Age Parents on their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as on Pinterest.   

3. Lemon film

If you are a father who wants to become a better parent then you will definitely find this blog useful. In this fun blog, a Singaporean dad shares with us his fatherhood adventures and gives us valuable tips about children’s health, child-friendly activities, and even about how to take cute photos of your baby. He even shares some healthy recipes.  

Everybody is welcome to read this blog however it is especially beneficial for new fathers who want to get a man’s perspective on parenting.   

4. Sakura Haruka

This is an award-winning Singaporean blog that was started in 2011. Just like other parenting blogs, it gives us valuable insight into the whole experience with tips about fitness, food, etc.  

However, what makes this blog unique is the segment called “Kid-friendly Singapore” in which the founder of the blog recommends some places in Singapore which you can visit with your little ones. 

If you want to know more look them up on either Facebook or Instagram.   

5. Mama Wear Papa Shirt

June, who is the creator of this blog, has three children of her own. In addition to that, she is an educational therapist and a writer, all of which makes her highly knowledgeable and qualified to answer most parenting questions.  

Of course, the blog contains a lot of valuable information about parenting but in addition to this, June also talks about such topics as marriage, education, art, and even faith (she is a Christian).  

Overall, her writing style is warm and inviting, and if you want to find out more go visit the blog’s Facebook page  

6. Life’s tiny miracles

This blog was created by Angie and David who wanted to share their experiences about parenting and traveling with children.  

Angie had a rather tumultuous first birth so if you want to know how she got through it and recovered you should definitely visit this blog.  

Angie is also a foodie so she has an entire section of her blog dedicated to this topic. Here you will be able to find not just recipes of her favorite dishes but also reviews of various other dishes as well as restaurant reviews.  

And if you are fond of heartwarming parenting stories this blog has got you covered.  

This type of high-quality content is the reason why Life’s Tiny Miracles won the Asian Family Blog Award in 2019.  

Check out their YouTube channel or Facebook page to find out more.   

7. A Pancake Princess

Dorothea is the name of the mother who runs A Pancake Princess and, in her blog, she talked extensively about her motherhood journey, her ideas about parenting in general, and, of course, food.  

If you like going out and eating at a restaurant then you should definitely check out this blog as Dorothea provides numerous Restaurant reviews.  

Parenting has never been easy, however, in the COVID-19 era it has become especially hard. Luckily for you, Dorothea shares the lessons she learned during this pandemic.  

In addition to writing her own blog, Dorothea also contributes to other parenting as well as cooking blogs.  

Overall reading A Pancake Princess would benefit any parent regardless of the level of experience or gender.  

If you wish to contact Dorothea you should visit her Facebook page  

8. The Perfect Father

This is yet another blog written by a dad who presents parenthood from the male perspective. And with five children in the house, you will definitely read about some interesting and fun experiences.  

Steven Teo, the creator of the blog, shares with his readers his journey and tells us how he grew as a parent and any father (even if they only have one child) will be able to relate to his stories.  

Parenting is intimidating for everyone but in many cases, it tends to be more daunting for fathers. This is partly because most blogs out there focus on motherhood and mothers' feelings. There is just more information aimed at mothers so they feel more confident once the baby is born.  

This is why The Perfect Father is one of the most useful blogs out there; because it sheds light on fatherhood and explores what parenting is like from a dad’s point of view which many dads will undoubtedly appreciate.   

9. Singapore Sole Parent

Single parents need all the help they can get and if you are a single parent in Singapore then you should definitely check out this blog.  

Parenting can be particularly challenging if you tackle it alone and this blog will help you cope with those challenges and deal with complicated issues which include separation and divorce.  

The blog is aimed at both men and women who are faced with the prospect of single parenting. The issues are handled with a great sense of tact and the articles are very informative and creative.  

Considering that the number of divorces (and subsequently the number of single parents) is rising from one year to another this blog provides an invaluable service to its readers.  

The articles are extremely educational and provide much-needed support to single parents in these trying times. Interested to find out more? Well then check out their Facebook page  

10. Yannisms

This blog follows the adventures of one family as seen through the eyes of the mom Yann. She shares cute photos of her children and tells her readers the stories about their birth, what the parenting experience has been like so far, what has been the effect of parenting on her marriage, how her and her family's life has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, and what they did to cope with it; and she even talks about her favorite films.  

So, if you are searching for a blog about a relatable ordinary family which is written in an upbeat and witty style then you should definitely check out Yannisms. 

You will fall in love with this adorable family and will be eagerly anticipating reading about their future adventures.  

If you wish to find out more about them you can drop them a line via their Instagram, Twitter or in their YouTube video comments.   

11. Sassy Mama Singapore

If the visual aspect of a blog is important to you then you will not be disappointed with the Sassy Mama Singapore’s web design. Overall, it is very cute; the layout and the color scheme are really well thought out and they put you in a good mood at the first glance. 

As for the written content, it is second to none. Here you can read about a range of topics such as family life, food, fitness, travel, and much more. Whether you are looking for some practical baby care tips or want to know which new restaurants have recently opened in Singapore this blog has got you covered.  

The blog was originally created in the USA, however, since then it has expanded and now it targets a variety of different regions worldwide. So, if you Google Sassy Mama and encounter Sassy mama Dubai, or sassy mama Hong Kong do not be surprised. 

And of course, like any other high-quality blog, they have multiple social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).  

These are some of the top blogs parents in Singapore can visit to gain valuable information about one of the toughest jobs in the world.

As you can see there is a blog out there to cover every niche; whether you are a male parent, a single parent, a parent with a special needs child, etc. there is a blog out there that can provide answers to your questions. The internet has allowed parents all over the world to come together and share their wisdom with each other.

And the best thing about it that all of this accumulated wisdom is accessible free of charge! So, visit the blog that caught your eye and find out how you can make your own and your little one’s lives easier and happier. Or you can create your own blog to share useful information with like-minded parents, learn how to start one here.

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