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10 Tips and Tricks for Successful Medical Exam Preparation

People should undergo an annual medical examination to monitor their health status. The examination entails a general health assessment, including a person's age, medical history, and how they feel. A medical examination may also be required in preparation for a new job or when taking up an insurance policy. 

When setting up a routine checkup appointment, you need to consider the duration of the examination and how to prepare for it. This article highlights ten tips and tricks for successful preparation. 


Manage your time well

Before attending a medical examination, pay attention to time management by scheduling important activities such as schoolwork. You may consider completing homework that is almost due.

This tip will be the basis of preparation for your career in nursing because when you get a nurse job, time management will be paramount. Identify the important tasks and complete them before the examination date as you track progress.


Avoid exercise

To have a successful medical examination, avoid exercising or any activity that may be physically straining a day before the assessment. Physical exercises may increase your blood pressure or heart rate and distort the examination results.  

Whereas it is a good idea to do regular exercises, if you do it just before the examination, this can also reduce your potassium levels.  


Create a checklist

An examination checklist includes information regarding previous medication, medical history, and any concerns or questions you may want the doctor to address. 

Nursing students preparing for medical examination may find the process of compiling the checklist involving especially when a homework deadline is looming. That is where the role of nursing assignment help writers  on AssignmentBro comes in. 

The professional nursing assignment writers will offer help as per the instructions from the nursing assignment tutor. They guarantee quality nursing assignment service and make college work easier so that you have time to handle other important tasks in your life.  


Avoid fatty and salty foods

Fat and salt will influence blood pressure and cholesterol.

Avoid fatty and salty foods at least three days before the examination. It will be a better idea to avoid them for a week, but the minimum should be 24 hours.


Take a lot of water

Taking water before a medical examination can significantly shorten the examination process. Being properly hydrated will enable the doctor to quickly draw blood from your body and you will also produce the sample urine faster. 


Avoid smoking or drinking coffee

You need to forfeit cigarettes and coffee to keep the blood pressure down. Caffeine can counteract the medicine such as regadenoisine and adenosine that stimulates stress during the chemical stress tests. 

 Avoid marijuana and at least 30 days before your examination because these can dehydrate the body, making it difficult to draw blood. 


Have enough sleep


Getting enough and good sleep is an excellent way to help you to relax. Better sleep regulates stress hormones, thereby reducing your blood pressure and helping the nervous system to stay healthy. It also helps your body to recover, regenerate and repair. 



Fasting at least twelve hours before the examination may prevent your blood pressure and sugar from elevating. Doing this before certain blood tests may enhance the accuracy of results.

The minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins contained in beverages and foods can influence the blood-level readings, thereby giving inaccurate results. The blood tests that may require you to fast include liver function, blood glucose, cholesterol tests, among others.


Avoid being anxious

Medical examination anxiety can translate to a form of phobia, although to many people, it is never serious.

Eliminating uneasiness and nervousness can have a psychological impact on the medical results. 

You can cope with anxiety by taking a deep breath, muscle relaxation, chatting with someone, or picturing a place of an image that improves your happiness. 


Schedule a morning appointment

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment for the morning makes adherence to other practices and tips easier. You will be able to have enough sleep and the effects of getting hydrated will be “fresher” in your body. It will also help you to keep calm and enhance the effectiveness of the examination.



Knowing how to prepare for medical examination is the basis of having a successful procedure and will make the work of your doctor easier. A visit to a doctor should form part of your annual routine because it is a way of monitoring wellness and arresting any condition before it gets serious. Implement the above tricks and tips before your next visit and you will be assured of having a great time. 

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