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10 Free Apps For Private Tutors In Singapore

With the rise in technology and the widespread use of the internet, many modes of online learning are possible. Even though there are many applications that students around the world can benefit from, there are some applications and platforms that can be beneficial for tutors as well.

Some applications can help them prepare notes and gather teaching materials, while others can help them in organizing sessions, conducting online classes, and preparing lectures and exams. Nowadays, there are apps that can even help private tutors in finding more students.

Here are some of the apps that can help private tutors around the world, especially in Singapore.

  1. Moodle

Moodle is a well-known course management system that can allow the tutors in Singapore to shape their courses. There are many options and services available on this platform that private tutors can benefit from. The mobile application can be connected to Moodle sites to make life easy for tutors using it. They are able to view notifications and alerts and view grades.

Moodle app allows the students to submit quizzes and tests and view their scores as well. It is an all-rounded application that can benefit tutors and students. The free to use platform released in 2013 has been immensely successful, and teachers around the world use it to prepare their courses and deliver them through it. It is a great application for online learning and course management.

  1. YouTube

This is the most used video streaming platform in the world. While many people use YouTube for watching sports, songs, or entertaining videos, there are many people who use the power of this app for educational purposes. It can allow tutors to gather resources and watch videos related to their course so that they can shape their learning program accordingly.

Some tutors also make their own channels and teach through video lessons that students can watch. Video lessons seem entertaining to students, and many learners are able to understand better through videos. It is a unique and interesting way to learn about any subject.

Tutors can also prepare tests through the material they gather from the videos on this app. It is completely free to use, and private tutors in Singapore can take advantage of this opportunity to teach students in a better way.

  1. Khan Academy

Another free application available to tutors and students around the world is Khan Academy. This app features thousands of videos on each subject and categorizes them through topics. It is a great learning platform, as the videos are easy to understand and conveys the message properly. Simple videos are a great way to prepare teaching materials.

Many tutors use this application to gather resources and materials for their students. It also helps the students clear up on their lessons as some teachers refer the videos to their students if they have any doubts.

Subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences as well as Languages are available here. Through this app, private tutors can also gather resources and teaching materials for specific tests such as IELTS or SAT exams.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an application that is specifically used to assemble and view notes. While some people use it for professional notes collecting, it can also be used for educational reasons by the tutors. The application has a basic version that is free of cost but only allows the tutors to upload around 60 MB of notes files every month.

The Evernote application also allows the users to sync multiple devices so that the notes can be shared. This easy to use application allows private tutors to write down and organize their notes for teaching sessions. It can greatly help them in preparing interacting sessions for their students. Organizing and saving notes can help the tutors in capturing ideas and delivering them through their courses. They can also note down different questions to prepare examinations and quizzes for their students.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an interactive virtual classroom that allows the online delivery of lectures. This app allows the private tutors to remotely take classes and upload notes and course materials for their students. With the option to upload presentations in a video format, tutors can upload their online lectures with ease. Having the option to categorize subjects and topics on the platform, teachers are able to present information in an appropriate manner to their students.

Google Classroom has been gaining a lot of popularity since the pandemic as millions of students around the world are taking online classes through it. It is simple to use and does not require too much work. Tutors can invite their students to the classroom through an invite link on their email.

Documents and files can be uploaded in various forms that are backed up in Google Drive and can be viewed at all times. Students can also download the learning materials for offline viewing, which makes it more convenient.

  1. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an interesting application that connects or links up students who are eager to learn with professional tutors. It serves as a bridge between them, and tutors around the world can earn from it. The application is free for tutors, and they can even earn from it.

However, it does cost the students on the basis of hours, depending on the course and subject. Many courses are available on this platform ranging from academic subjects to languages.

The platform boasts one on one tutoring so that the entire attention of the tutor is diverted towards the student. They also have a group class feature and free self-study for students who cannot afford a private one on one session.

  1. Tutoring

This application focuses only on a specific language: English. It offers free tutoring sessions for individuals who are interested in learning the English Language. Many tutors are also able to provide sessions on this platform. Native speakers of the English language help others with their grammatical errors and queries related to the subject.

A great thing about the Tutoring application is that it allows any time learning, and students can get in sessions at all times of the day. While it does offer free trial classes to the student, it charges them a small fee for longer lengths of tutoring. However, the tutors conducting classes through this application do not have to pay anything and can earn from this platform. They have the options of on-demand tutoring sessions with one on one tutoring as well.

  1. My Aone Tutor

My Aone Tutor is a unique platform that serves the interests of students, private tutors, and tuition centers in Singapore. The website and application focus on connecting private tutors in the country to potential students. It can also help the tuition centers in finding more students for their classes. The application is easy to use and can help many private tutors to connect with students.

It can allow private tutors to browse through hundreds of home tuition jobs available near them in the area of their choice. With online learning features available as well, this app can benefit students and tutors alike. The services provided by the company are free of cost, making them easily accessible to the private tutors in Singapore.

  1. Virtual Classroom

A similar application to Google Classroom, Virtual Classroom also allows the tutors to conduct online classes and prepare sessions for their students. With this application, tutors can conduct live classes and interact with their students through video lessons.

They also get a whiteboard option to explain different things during a lecture. Through this application, tutors can upload learning materials in different formats for their students to take advantage of. Homework and assignments can be submitted digitally, and their score can be uploaded. Virtual Classroom also has a content library that helps in accessing the current content uploaded regarding the subject or course. It is a great platform for private tutors to connect with their students and conduct classes in an organized manner.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a checking platform that tutors around the world can utilize to make their work easier. It allows an online checking of essays to point out any grammatical or spelling errors. These errors can then be corrected with ease.

Grammarly can make the essay checking process easier for many tutors while maintaining their standard of correctness. It is convenient to scan a document or upload a text for it to be automatically corrected. Tutors can then read the essays at a faster rate and go through the student’s responses in small amounts of time. The mobile application can be easily downloaded, and the free to use the platform can be taken advantage of.

Bonus 11th app - Invideo

Video allows teachers to save hours of repetitive teaching, they can even create short online courses to help students understand complex concepts. Create a spectacular slideshow presentation that doesn’t just get students hooked but gets the message across with InVideo's slideshow maker. Using videos in the classroom reaches children with a variety of learning styles. Be it visual, aural, physical, or verbal.


The internet is a great place to learn and teach different subjects. Whether it is for the organization, conducting classes, or preparing notes, there are applications for everything. While it is difficult to find the right apps for private tutors, this list can help.

With these applications, private tutors in Singapore and around the world can benefit from online learning and teaching. You can also join as a tutor with our agency with this online form.

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