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10 Advantages of Giving Yourself a Regular Foot Massage

Giving yourself a foot massage can be amazing, especially if you’ve been on your feet for the entire day. The reason foot massages help is due to their ability to boost circulation and activate the nervous system. In doing so, your body is being aided in its healing and increases endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals. 

Because of these positive effects, studies have shown that frequent massages can improve one’s overall health within a short amount of time. The great thing about this is it doesn’t need to be extensive—5-10 minutes on each foot is enough. And depending on the health issue you want to target, the frequency of the massage can be 3-5 times a week or even daily. 

While there are many guides on the internet on how to give yourself a foot massage, it is recommended that you visit a podiatry clinic and get it done professionally. 

In addition, podiatry clinics can also discuss your foot health and target areas of improvement. 

There are many evidence-based advantages to regular foot massages, and if you’re still not convinced, below are ten of the many reasons you should be getting it regularly. 

  1. Promotes Regular Feet Check-Up

One of the benefits of a regular foot massage is it allows you to check on your feet. Feet often go unnoticed due to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live. Oftentimes, they get noticed when they experience pain. But one of the best ways to maintain foot health is by constantly checking for problem areas.

Getting a foot massage will give you a chance to get a closer look at your feet and how they’re doing. While massaging, make sure to check your toes and toenails, and pay close attention to any soreness you might be feeling or dry skin. Other things to watch out for are corns and cracked heels.

Some of these might need professional help, but identifying areas for improvement can already increase your chances of getting better.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Stress, an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle can increase your chances of getting high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a life-long condition that requires a strict diet and medical maintenance. One of the best ways to prevent it or treat it is to lower your blood pressure naturally, and you can do so through regular foot massages.

By placing pressure on an acupressure point on the soles of your feet, you can reduce the tension in your body, reducing your stress and anxiety. Massage each foot for 10 minutes at least once a week, and you will notice that you can maintain lower blood pressure despite the stress you’re experiencing.

  1. Prevents Foot and Ankle Injuries

Because of its ability to boost blood circulation, regular foot massages not only help you rehabilitate after an injury, but they can also help prevent them as well. Additionally, foot massages often include strengthening exercises and stretches that can aid in foot and ankle injury prevention.

  1. Boosts Immune System

Foot massages increase the activity of your white blood cells, and doing so helps your body prevent diseases and infections. Getting them done regularly ensures that your body can prevent you from getting sick and help you heal if you do.

  1. Improves Sleeping Habit

Most people tend to have a hard time sleeping due to stress and caffeine intake. And when they do get to sleep, it isn’t as restful as they would like. Massaging your feet every night can help you sleep better because of its relaxing effect. It even assists you in sleeping deeper because of the way that it can reduce your stress and anxiety.

  1. Boosts Energy

Studies have shown that foot massages not only lessen stress, but can also alleviate fatigue, giving you a much needed energy boost. This is because it improves circulation and nerve functions, thus allowing you to fight against sleepiness or distractions, enabling you to focus on any task at hand.

  1. Lessens Migraines and Headaches

Migraines and headaches have multiple causes, but because they are sometimes hard to pinpoint, treatment is not always guaranteed. However, a study in Denmark showed that people who received regular foot massages have their symptoms reduced, while a small number of the participants were known to have been cured completely.

  1. Reduces Effects of Anxiety and Depression

Getting a foot massage can increase endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in your brain. A one-off occurrence might help you feel better for the night, but getting it done regularly has been shown to reduce anxiety by as much as 50%. Doing so assists you in managing other symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it can even improve your overall mood.

  1. Alleviates Symptoms of PMS and Menopause

For women, symptoms of PMS and menopause, such as mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, depression and more, can be dealt with and alleviated by getting regular foot massages.

  1. Reduces Effects of Oedema During Pregnancy

Oedema is the swelling of feet and ankles due to fluid retention and commonly occurs during the third trimester of one’s pregnancy. Daily foot massages are recommended to help fight the symptoms of oedema, alongside rest and diet.

Now that you’ve read these ten advantages of regular foot massages, make it a part of your routine and see improvements in your own health.

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