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Top 30 Physics Tuition Options in Singapore

Physics is a subject that many students find difficulties in scoring well for their examinations, be it for O level, A level or IB.

We have compiled a list of the best physics tuition centres, online tutors and private physics tutors, on how to get the best physics tuition in Singapore.

Our list is curated into 2 main categoriesNote: Please check with the listings directly regards to their fees & their operating hours.

Online Tutoring
1. Classgap
2. Chen-Xi Intl Education
3. Preply
4. CheggTutors
5. TeacherOn
6. TutorMe
7. Gumtree Classifieds
8. Locanto Free Classifieds
9. Adpost.com
10. KiasuParents forums
11. Varsity Tutors
12. The Princeton Review
13. Study Pug
14. The Online Physics tutor

Tuition Agency / Tuition Centres
15. Tutor City
16. Best Physics Tuition
17. Exoplanet Observatory
18. Physics.com.sg by Phang Yu Hon
19. Wynn Education Centre Ptd Ltd
20. Calvin Kong Physics
21. The Edge Learning Centre
22. Future Academy
23. Smartlab Education centre
24. Learner’s Lodge
25. Kungfu Physics
26. Miracle Learning Centre
27. Physics and Chemistry Studio
28. Learning For Keeps
29. The Physics Cafe
30. The Learners Council

Online Tutoring

There are tutors who are freelancing as online tutors. Lessons are conducted via Zoom, Skype, Whatapp and other software, which are popular during the circuit breaker in Singapore. 

1. ClassGap
Class Gap
Website: https://www.classgap.com/en/physics-online-tutors

Physics Tuition is conducted in Classgap's virtual classroom through your computer or laptop, and discover a technology that goes beyond a simple videoconference. You can choose tutors from their panel of tutors worldwide. They have functions that allows you to:
- draw on the digital whiteboard
- edit documents with our collaborative text editor
- share your screen
- play videos in real time

2. Chen-Xi Intl Education
Chen-Xi Intl Education
Website: https://www.ace-physics.com/

Online Tutoring by Caltech Master and NUS Teacher, Ms Xi Xi, with more than 10 years experience in teaching Physics. She was awarded scholarship from MOE and gradauted from NUS with a Bachelor in Engineering degree, and also a Masters degree in Science from Caltech. Ms Xi Xi is also a certified IB Physics teacher. "Our students have scored 95% A or B for their national and international exams in the past ten years!"

3. Preply
Website: https://preply.com/

You can post your requirements and let Physics tutors find you. Or search through their database of international tutors for any subjects you need.

Preply has been featured in top international tech magazines such as Business Insidier, TechCrunch and TechRepublic.

4. CheggTutors
Chegg Tutors
Website: https://www.chegg.com/tutors/

Hundreds of subjects - college and high school level, are available for tuition 24/7 online. Plans start from $6.95 per lesson, or $14.95 monthly for Chat lessons. Video lessons is $30 monthly.

CheggTutors has been featured in top international publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo and Today.

5. TeacherOn
Website: https://www.teacheron.com

TeacherOn.com is a free website used by thousands of students and Physics teachers worldwide.You can find local Physics tutors, online teachers, and teachers to help with tutoring, coaching, assignments, academic projects, and dissertations for over 3500 subjects.

6. TutorMe
Website: https://tutorme.com

Has on-demand Physics tutoring. You can get help with a single question or a 3-hour lesson, no commitment needed. TutorMe has tutors from all over the world covering 300 subjects. The lesson space features a virtual whiteboard, text editor, audio/video chat, screensharing and so much more.

7. Gumtree Classifieds
Website: https://www.gumtree.sg

One of the popular marketplaces for all types of services and products. Look under ‘Classes & Courses’ to see a list of freelance Physics tutors’ advertisements.

8. Locanto Free Classifieds
Website: https://singapore.locanto.sg

Similar to Gumtree, Locanto is a free marketplace for Physics tutors and centres to post free ads. Has various categories under ‘Classes’ – Language, Art, Music, Computer, Academic, which you can choose from.

9. Adpost.com
Website: https://www.adpost.com

Another free marketplace for Physics tutors and parents to look for Physics tuition services.

10. KiasuParents forums
Website: https://www.kiasuparents.com

Singapore’s popular online forum to exchange news and information on parenting, education and tutoring. Many good Physics ex-teachers and freelance tutors post their services for hire.

11. VarsityTutors

Overseas-based website providing in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations. They provide a listing of tutors who can teach both at home and online. As most are foreign tutors, you can only select via online mode.

12. The Princeton Review
The Princeton Review
Website: https://www.princetonreview.com

The Princeton Review has been around for more than 35 years, where students and their families have trusted them to help get into their dream schools. Their mission statement is “to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals.”

They have programmes and tutors providing tuition for SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Tests, among academic subjects in all humanities, science and maths. Finding the right college and applying to them, as well as getting financial aid, The Princeton Review has these all covered.

13. Study Pug
Study Pug
Website: https://www.studypug.com/home-8-2-sg/

Formed by Dennis and Andy, Study Pug has video tutorials on-demand 24/7 which you can select based on the Physics topic you need. The team at Study Pug focus on in-depth examples, the type that appears in exams and the teacher doesn’t cover during lectures!

They will show you how to solve tricky Physics questions quickly and to the point, cutting out all the things you already know. They have a free 7-day trial and subscription based plans.

14. The Online Physics tutor
The Online Physics Tutor
Website: http://www.theonlinephysicstutor.com

By Dr Andrew Gibson, BSc PGCE QTS MSc PhD. Dr Gibson specialise in teaching Physics, Chemistry and Maths for IGCSE, IB, AP, A-level and University students. Provides worksheets for download on his website and has good testimonials from his students.

Tuition Agency / Tuition Centres

15. Tutor City
Tutor City Tuition Agency
Website: https://www.tutorcity.sg
Contact: 90672547

Founded in 2010, Tutor City is the leading home tuition agency matching private 1-to-1 home tutors to students who need help in any subject including Physics.

They have a large pool of Physics home tutors giving freelance tuition for every level, be it Primary, Secondary, Junior College, IB, IGCSE.

The tutor database consists of current Physics School Teachers and Ex-Teachers from MOE schools and international IB schools, as well as full-time tutors, Graduate part-time tutors, University students from NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS, SIT, top foreign universities and polytechnics.

This matching service is free because the commission is charged to the tutor, so you will only be paying for the tuition fees. Additionally, you are also allowed to have a phone interview with the selected tutors before engagement, to reinforce your confidence that the tutor can do the job.

16. Best Physics Tuition
Best Physics Tuition
Website: https://tuitionphysics.com
Contact: +65 87009189

It is the most popular physics tuition centre in Singapore, where Mr. Tony Chee helps you to cover all the syllabus with the concept. He is a former JC lecturer and researcher, and he has an excellent grasp on the subject of physics. He has accumulated a long list of awards by the Ministry of Education and also trains new physics teachers. Tony is considered a "super tutor" in Singapore's tuition industry.

Some students find the subject of physics boring and do not develop interest. But the best physics tuition is the platform where you can get a maximum attachment with physics subject and can answer all the questions related to physics, and this is where Tony excels in.

17. Exoplanet Observatory
Website: https://exoplanet.sg/physics/e-Tuition
Contact: +65 9115 7278

Exoplanet observatory is a now online physics tuition centre due to lockdown situation.
Students can take the online class by adjusting his/her time with the tutor before starting a video conferencing call. On the first day of his/her, online physics students should inform 15 minutes before to sort out any technical issue which he/she is facing. The student should have a laptop facility to take online classes.

All lectures related to physics are available through video calling, where it is easy for students to take their classes regularly without any hesitation.

18. Physics.com.sg by Phang Yu Hon
Website: https://physics.com.sg
Contact: 6275 6800

Phang Yu Hon is a famous super tutor in Singapore and has his own physics tuition centre. Students and parents appreciate Phang Yu Hon so much that he presents the subject of physics in such a way that students are now interested in this subject and do not get bored.

After his coaching, Phang's students can answer the most difficult questions and they can easily digest the concept in his class, which they usually find it difficult to understand in school.

19. Wynn Education Centre Pte Ltd
Wynn education Centre
Website: https://www.sgphysicstuition.com
Contact: 8135 6556

Mr. Wynn Kho and Mr. Cornelius Chew are running this tuition platform. Their key selling points:

- Fees are reasonable if you compare with other top super tutors in the industry
- They have a maximum of 12 students per group
- Excellent track record of students' academic results with improvements.
- Comfortable environment for learning 
- The 2 tutors are friendly and accommodating

20. Calvin Kong Physics
Calvin Kong Physics
Website: https://www.calvinkongphysics.com
Contact: 82465685

They are Singapore’s First and Only Physics Tuition Centre with Physics Lab. This centre focus on teaching Physics only.

Calvin's centre have the facilities to help students to prepare theory as well as practical exams. Students are competent in their practical exam as they are well-prepared by Calvin and his team.

Calvin is a former senior teacher, having experience of 12 years in this field. He was also a subject Supervisor for O level practical examination. He has a team of trusted tutors for O level and A level, with more than 100 reviews from students on his website.

21. The Edge Learning Centre
The Edge Learning
Website: https://www.theedgelearning.com.sg/academic-tutoring
Contact: +65 6265 5054

The Edge learning center provides the students with a friendly and clean environment in the class. Students can enjoy the interdisciplinary approach conducted by teachers to meet the basic need of Physics. Students are satisfied with the Iris teacher, who teaches in such a way that students can solve all types of questions in physics.

Students not only learn about physics, but they can also learn about chemistry, English, and other subjects. They can clear concepts of all topics just under one roof.

22. Future Academy
Website: https://www.tutorchen.com
Contact: +65 6884 6566

Founded by Ms. Yvonne Chen, Future Academy is a tuition centre where students learn in small groups in the classroom so that each student can understand the concepts better. She is a former RGS teacher and MOE teacher. TutorChen specialise in secondary, IP school and JC Mathematics and Science tuition. 

Yvonne is well known as one of top Mathematics and Physics tutors in Singapore and she was featured in theasianparent.com

23. Smartlab Education Centre
Smartlab Education Centre
Website: http://smartlab.com.sg/Tuition/courses-page
Contact: +65 6459 2351 | +65 9776 6580 | +65 6363 2383 | +65 6487 7327

Smartlab Education centre has 4 branches islandwide - Marine Parade, Woodlands, Bishan and Hougang.

Operating since 19 years ago, they developed a comprehensive educational programme that enhances performance for their students in these subjects: maths (E & A Math), science (biology, chemistry, physics) and english.

They have a new programme called SLAM - Smartlab Answers on Mobile, where you can use Whatsapp to ask questions and their tutors will respond quickly. This is truly convenience at your fingertips!

24. Learner's Lodge
Learners Lodge
Website: https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg
Contact: +65 6803 5763 | +65 6468 6620 | +65 6387 4366 | +65 6336 2037 | +65 6842 4634

Learner's Lodge provides mainly enrichment and tutorials to JC (Junior College) students, preparing them for the A-levels. Their teaching methodology has been developed over 10 years and delivered by tutors who undergo stringent testing and performance reviews. 

They have 6 branches over Singapore, holding 20 JC1 classes and 40+ JC2 classes, which students can easily choose from. From their website, they are conducting classes for GP, Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

25. Kungfu Physics
Kungfu Physics
Website: https://kungfuphysics.com/
Contact: 96533573

Owner Mr Gabriel Tan was a RJC lecturer and HOD in Catholic High School, specialising in O level, IP and A level Physics.

He personally teaches every class in his physics tuition centre. That is his commitment to his students. His mantra: "My passion is to help students excel in physics, for them achieve top-notch results, and also to impart long-lasting appreciation for physics that will carry them through their education journey and possibly their future careers."

26. Miracle Learning Centre
Miracle Learning Centre
Website: https://miraclelearningcentre.com
Contact: +65 6463 8756

Miracle Learning Centre is the joint effort of Dr Lew (MBBS) and Mrs Lew, who are founders of Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd which started in 2008 and located in Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre.

Mrs Lew was teaching at Maris Stella High School and Crescent Girls’ School with more than 20 years of teaching experience, specialising in Chemistry and Science. Dr Lew was from RI and RJC, he attended medical school in NUS. 
Their specialisation is teaching Maths and Science to Primary, Secondary and JC students.

They provide customised worksheets and study resources which helps students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and concepts in a structured manner. As both are former school teachers, they are well-trained and passionate in teaching, often going the extra mile for their students to ensure they perform well in exams.

27. Physics & Chemistry Studio
Physics & Chemistry Studio
Website: https://phychemstudio.com
Contact: +65 9680 9522

Physics and Chemistry Studio are operated by Mr and Mrs Tong, who have been helping students in physics and chemistry, located at Coronoation Shopping Plaza at Bukit Timah Road. Their website also offers the students video lessons and notes to download free of charge. 

Their students' performances are improved because Mr. and Mrs. Tong take their classes individually with proper guidance. They have a maximum of 8 students in each group so that the tutors can monitor and guide each student more closely.

Their fees range from $280 to $420 per 4 lessons, depending on the level of the classes. Mr and Mrs Tong also have 1 to 1 personal coaching sessions at $120 per hour.

28. Learning For Keeps
Learning For Keeps
Website: https://www.learningforkeeps.com.sg
Contact: 8201 5955.

Mr. Kenneth Lo has been tutoring physics sine 2010. He represented his JC in the Singapore Physics Olympiad, and scored a Merit for H3 Physics paper for A levels. More than 200 students got good grades in pure physics after attending Mr. Lo's tutorial sessions, as evident on his website. He customises notes and materials for students by hand and caps the group size at 7 students so he can personally answer their questions in a more detailed manner.

His physics tuition centres are at Hougang and Tampines. Fees range from $240 to $320 per 4 lessons (may have some discounts). He also provides 1 to 1 tuition at different rates.

29. The Physics Cafe
The Physics Cafe
Website: https://pmc.sg
Contact: admin@pmc.sg

This Physics tuition centre is very popular in Singapore and has been operating since 2009, expanding to 4 locations in Beauty World, Novena, Paya Lebar and Bishan. Founded by super tutor Dave Sim who is also an ex-RJC lecturer, The Physics Cafe has been trusted by many JC students as they hire the best tutors in Singapore.

Their primary focus is to enhance skills development for Secondary, IP, JC students in Physics, Maths and Chemistry. They have also been featured in Straits Times, Asiaone, Moneysmart and The Smartlocal. You can visit their website to view their recorded video lessons and enquire on their rates.

30. The Learners Council
Learners Council
Website: https://thelearnerscouncil.com
Contact: 69090701

Founded by Ms Jasline Hong, an ex-teacher in Raffles Institution and subject head for physics, her advocate for her physics tuition centre: “Classes are small, learning is customized, and we go beyond in equipping, stretching, caring, and supporting our students unlike any other.

This is our dedication to great teaching, and we invite you to experience success with us.” Ms Hong as an inspirational teacher, winning an international award in "Inspiring Teachers" from Imperial College in 2017. Learners Council offer programmes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English.

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