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The Best 20 Primary Schools In Singapore [2022]

There are in around 186 primary schools located in different regions across the island country. But choosing the best one for your child can be daunting since several conditions in your decision-making process.

One of the deciding factors can be the school’s rank. This rank is allotted to schools by the Ministry of Education (MOE) based on statistics derived as a result of plenty of factors like student’s results, facilities provided, etc.

If you too are looking a top-rated primary school in Singapore for your child, then probably you should read further where we have covered the top 20 Primary schools, their key features and also their contact information.

Here, you go:

1. Rosyth School: Rosythians are well known for their growing up as active citizens serving the community with their skills, knowledge and talents. The school carries forward the vision of an innovative mindset. Their unifying I CARE values are Integrity, Care, grAtitude, Respect and Resilience, and Entrepreneurial Spirit. 

The school adopts changes required with technical advancements and hence caters to the need of education, both academic as well as co-curricular with a dynamic approach.

Started back in 1965, the school and its students have received various accolades adding to their pride both at national as well as international levels. With around 2400 students studying currently in the school, as in 2020, Rosyth stands on the top position. 

Gender: Co-educational

Address: 21 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555855

Contact: 6481 2273 / 6483 4020

E-mail: rosyth_sch@schools.gov.sg

Source link: https://rosyth.moe.edu.sg/


2. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School: The history of this school dates back to early 1930s. It received autonomous accreditation by MOE in 1995. The school has been nurturing generations of accomplished young ladies who are anchored on sound values and driven by passion and purpose. 

The dynamic curriculum reflects its commitment to helping every child realise her fullest potential. Girls at CHIJ enjoy an extensive range of holistic experiences to help them cultivate their abilities and talents in pursuit of all-round excellence. 

Gender: Girls 

Address: 501 Ang Mo Kio Street 13Singapore 569405

Contact: +65 6454 9698

E-mail: chijsng_pri@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://chijstnicholasgirls.moe.edu.sg/


3. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School: Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS) was founded by preacher Joseph Koh in 1889 to provide free education to the children from the villages around Bukit Timah. The school endeavours to develop students of character with a zest to learn and a heart to serve and seeks to realise its mission to nurture bilingual students in a caring, bicultural environment, to serve God and nation. The school stands on the values of Integrity, respect, responsibility, teamwork, loyalty and resilience. In 1992, the school was accorded the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) status.


Address: 7 Pei Wah Avenue, Singapore 597610

Contact: 64663787 / 64663797

E-mail: phpps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://peihwapresbyterianpri.moe.edu.sg/


4. Ai Tong School: Ai Tong School started in 1912. In 1950, it opened its door to girls. In 1985, Ai Tong School became an English stream school and it was conferred the status of a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school in 1989. Over the past two decades, the school flourished in multiple areas. Ai Tong students distinguished themselves in sports, the performing arts, and a variety of other academic and non-academic endeavours. New programmes and new facilities continuously improved education at Ai Tong. Ai Tong underwent MOE’s Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) upgrading in 2014 and became a single session school in 2016.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 100 Bright Hill Drive, Singapore 579646 

Contact: 6454 7672

E-mail: aitong_sch@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://aitong.moe.edu.sg/


5. Nan Hua Primary School: The school was set up in early 1917 by a group of Chinese businessmen. In 2005, the school attained the SQC (Singapore Quality Class) Award and the People Developer Standard. The school focuses on the moral development of its students keeping 8 core values of utmost importance; these being, loyalty, filial piety, humanity, love, courtesy, righteousness, integrity and sense of shame.

Gender: Girls

Address: 30 Jalan Lempeng Nan Hua Primary School, Singapore 128806

Contact: 6778 8050

E-mail: nhps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://nanhuapri.moe.edu.sg/


6. Temasek Primary School: The school’s objective is to create creative and critical young thinkers by developing their minds. The school started functioning on 2 January 1980. Recognised for its organisational excellence, the school has attained the Singapore Quality Class, School Distinction Award, Best Practices Award in Teaching and Learning and Staff Well-Being as well as awarded the Sustained Achievement Award in Physical Fitness, the Character Development Award, CHERISH Gold Award, Outstanding Partnership Award and the National Arts Education Glow Award. 

Moreover, the school has produced 10 Prime Minister Book Prize winners, 3 staff members who were conferred the President’s Award for Teachers and 2 teachers awarded the Outstanding Youth in Education Award Temasek Primary aspires to be the best learning campus in the eastern part of Singapore, where its students are provided with a holistic education through a wide range of learning experiences. 

Gender: Co-ed

Address: Temasek Primary School, 501 Bedok South Avenue 3, Singapore 469300

Contact: 6443 8134

E-mail: temasek_ps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://temasekpri.moe.edu.sg/


7. Rulang Primary School: The school was founded in 1930 by Mr Ng Lee Kar, a Jurong community leader, to provide basic education for children of a village community. The school has been growing since then and has seen extensive expansions.

The People Developer Standard Award, the Singapore Innovation Class Award, the Singapore Quality Class Award, the School Distinction Award, the School Excellence Award, the Best Practice Award for Teaching and Learning, the Best Practice Award for Staff Well-Being, the Best Practice Award for Student All-Round Development and the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development achieved over the years and revalidated in 2012 attest to Rulang’s commitment towards building a Quality Education Service. 

With the school’s decades of rich history, progression and accomplishments, the school are confident that Rulangnites will continue to be nurtured as “Scholars Of Tomorrow”.

The school philosophy believes in providing the right environment and support to its pupils to learn and achieve. Respecting the dignity of a child and contributing to his personal and collective happiness through the provision of quality education is at the heart of the Rulang’s brand of education. Rulang exemplifies a caring and nurturing community which allows pupils to express themselves freely in a respectful and dignified manner, yet without fear or prejudice. Upon completion of the child’s primary education at Rulang, he/she will graduate as an accomplished learner, al loyal citizen, an effective leader, a junior entrepreneur and a cosmopolitan. 

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 6, Jurong West St 52 Singapore (649295)

Contact: 6565 7771

E-mail: rulang_ps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://rulangpri.moe.edu.sg/


8. Catholic High School: Catholic High School (CHS): It is one of Singapore’s highly regarded institutions under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. It is a Catholic institution but enrols both Catholic and non-Catholic students. As a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, CHS is grounded in the philosophy of bilingualism and biculturalism.

The school motto Care, Honesty, Service propels the staff’s actions, forming the School Vision: the  Catholic High student is a Leader, Gentleman, and Bilingual Scholar of high integrity and robust character, who is passionate about life, learning and service to others.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 9 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579767

Contact: 6458 9869

E-mail: chs_ps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://catholichigh.moe.edu.sg/


9. Tao Nan School: Tao Nan School, in moving towards the Vision of Love to Learn and Learn to Love, focuses on nurturing students into lifelong learners rooted in values and to Singapore. In this age of exponential advancement in artificial intelligence and rapid development in the global situation, the future may seem complex and uncertain, however, it also unveils numerous possibilities and exciting opportunities.

The school Motto of “Sincerity” and “Perseverance” serves as guiding principles for Tao Nan students both past and present. Having a sincere heart to respect and care for others, regardless of family members, teachers or peers, and having a resilient mind to complete missions with integrity and responsibility, despite failures or challenges. A Chinese saying goes “cultivate oneself and contribute to the family, nation and world”, as Tao Nan students grow in their leadership ability, they will also have to espouse gratitude and give back to society.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: Tao Nan School, 49 Marine Crescent, Singapore 449761

Contact: 6442 8307

E-mail: taonan_sch@moe.edu.sg  

Source link: https://taonan.moe.edu.sg/


10. St. Hilda’s Primary School: The school was started in 1934 and ever since then, the school has grown and evolved into a dynamic learning community with a vision of developing loyal citizens with a global outlook and Godly character. The school provides a rigorous and forward-looking curriculum to challenge every Hildan to excel and be equipped with skills, dispositions and competencies for the 21st century.

Besides equipping students with the skills and competencies needed for the demands of a VUCA world, the school inspires young learners to develop passion in what they do, and purpose to use their skills and talents to serve and make a positive difference in the world around them.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: St. Hilda's Primary School, 2 Tampines Avenue 3, Singapore 529706

Contact: 64350211

E-mail: shps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://www.shps.moe.edu.sg/


11. Anglo-Chinese School (ACS): Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) was founded by Methodist Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham in 1886 to nurture students to be of service “for God and Humanity”. The core purpose of ACS is to nurture ACSians to be catalysts for change with Godly values and robust character, equipped and willing to serve and lead in the family, nation and the global community. The school values are Steadfastness, Humility, Integrity, Empathy, Loyalty and Diligence (SHIELD).

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 121 Dover Road, Singapore 139650

Contact: (65) 6773 1633

E-mail: acsindep@acsindep.edu.sg

Source link: https://www.acsindep.moe.edu.sg/


12. Pei Chun Public School (PCPS): PCPS was established in 1933. With its unique Chinese culture and rich tradition as a Chinese medium school in its early days, Pei Chun was accorded the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school status in 1990.

Through the years, the school prides itself in providing an all-round bilingual and holistic education to children in Toa Payoh. Today, the school has an enrolment of about 2200 pupils housed in two sessions, with Primary 3 to Primary 6 in the morning session and Primary 1 and Primary 2 the afternoon session.

The school strives to maximize its student’s potential through the delivery of a holistic student-centric curriculum, anchored on values, health, safety, bilingualism and innovation. The core values inculcated in all students at PCPS are passion and teamwork as a PC learner, respect and care as a PC citizen and innovation and initiative as a PC leader.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 16 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319320

Contact: 6353-9450

E-mail: pcps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://peichunpublic.moe.edu.sg/


13. Henry Park Primary School: The school started in 1977 and has established a very good name in the domain. Their programmes and policies are designed to meet the varied needs and interests of all pupils. Teachers at Henry Park foster its students to become happy learners and realize and unleash their full potential. This is best reflected in the school’s philosophy that “Every child matter and every child can succeed”.

The school mission, vision and values serve as a lighthouse, guiding the school in nurturing the leader in all pupils – with talents and strength of character through their distinctive programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Learning for Life Programme (LLP), in-house Talent Development programmes and service-learning experiences for its students to develop a heightened sense of empathy for others and contribute to the community, as a whole.

Through the customised curriculum, pupils go through a holistic education that grooms them to be people of character and relevance, who are Honest in Performance, and who possess Pride in Service.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 1 Holland Grove Road Singapore 278790

Contact: 6466 3600

Source link: https://henryparkpri.moe.edu.sg/


14. Nanyang Primary School (NYPS): The school stands strong with the vision to create learners of character and leaders in action. The mission is to develop its students to reach their fullest potential within a bicultural environment that is steeped in diligence, prudence, respectability and simplicity, thereby enabling them to contribute to society.

The school strives to inculcate the values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care and harmony in all its students.

Gender: Co-ed

Address: Nanyang Primary School, 52 King's Road, Singapore 268097

Contact: 6467 2677

E-mail: nyps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://nyps.moe.edu.sg/


15. Radin Mas Primary School (RMPS): Catering to education needs, both in academia as well as activities to prepare the new generation for their life ahead, RMPS currently has around 2000 pupils in 55 classes. 

The school mission is to develop each child holistically, equipping him with competencies for the future. The school aims to prepare its students for life as the teachers shape and imbibe each student with the necessary skills, values and dispositions to prepare them to cope better with the VUCA world out there. 

The school believes in hard and smart work both in academics as well as in sports activities. 

Gender: Boys

Address: 1 Bukit Purmei Avenue Singapore 099840

Contact: +65 6273 3937

E-mail: rmps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: radinmaspri.moe.edu.sg


16. Gongshang Primary School (GPS): The school was founded in January 1920 by Mr Shi Su. The school stands to create active learners, confident leaders and gracious citizens. With a population of more than 2000 pupils, the school is famous for children of Chinese migrants.

Gender: Boys

Address: 1 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 529176

Contact: (65) 6783 1191

E-mail: gsps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://gongshangpri.moe.edu.sg/


17. Anglo-Chinese School (Junior): Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) is one of the seven units in the ACS Family of Schools. The Anglo-Chinese School was founded on March 1, 1886. The school strives to provide a quality holistic education grounded in Christian values and principles.

The pursuit of academic excellence, Character development and Service based on Christian values remains a cornerstone in the school’s vision, which aims to make “Every ACSian, a young gentleman of character, ready for the future, to lead and to serve”.

Gender: Boys

Address: Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), 16 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227988

Contact: (+65) 6733 7911

E-mail: acjs@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://acsj.moe.edu.sg/


18. Methodist Girls’ School (Primary): MGS was founded by Miss Sophia Blackmore for the special purpose of providing girls with a complete education that would render them useful and contributing members of the community. 

The school focuses on Culture, Child, Character and Curriculum to develop each MGS girl into a unique and responsible citizen with gifted abilities. The school’s vision is to develop Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love. The school imbibes positive Christian culture in all its girls.

The CHILD remains central and is the focus of all deeds and decisions. Character building is integral to schooling in MGS. The latter is a meaningful and variegated experience that brings forth character growth, being and personhood to enable MGS girls to be women of substance in a complex world susceptible to unpredictable change. She is godly, other-centred, undaunted.

The MGS curriculum is dynamic and responsive and challenges their intellect, augment their passion for learning, nurture their socio-emotional gait and help them develop attributes that will stand them in good stead. 

Gender: Girls

Address: 11 Blackmore Drive, Singapore 599986

Contact: 6469 4800

E-mail: mgps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://www.mgs.moe.edu.sg/


19. CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh): The mission of an Infant Jesus Convent is the creation of a Christ-centered school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of the students who are disadvantaged in any way. The school follows the culture of care that embraces all.

Gender: Girls

Address: 628 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. Singapore 319765

Contact: 63532164

E-mail: chijtpps@moe.edu.sg

Source link: https://www.chijpritoapayoh.moe.edu.sg/


20. Fairfield Methodist School (Primary): The school is well-known for looking into the total wellbeing of its students, especially psychological as well as emotional wellbeing. The school students have also added many feathers in its cap with accolades both in academics as well as in sports. 

Gender: Co-ed

Address: 100 Dover Road Singapore 139648

Contact: 67788431

E-mail: fmsp@moe.edu.sg  

Source link: https://fmsp.moe.edu.sg/

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